I am an artist that started painting 17 years ago when i was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Because i went through a very tough time with blindness in the one eye, it was life changing. I started with an art course, but soon i was doing my own oil paintings. I had other relapse of the disease as well but my paintings started to uplift my soul and strangely enough my health.
I am very influenced by the old masters, Cezanne and Van gogh, but follow my own artistic freedom where colors talk to me. I am today so healthy that i sometimes cant believe that still have or even had ms. I can just say that my art did it for me!
I do commissions and could be reached at riananel@isat.co.za
or 0413782744 0r cell 0824960592 (South Africa)


Riana's Art

In the eye of the beholder

Jamaican Woman “Jamaican Woman”

The colorfulness of this woman facinated me

She “She”

This represents many woman

An impression of Ms Nokuthamba Mandela “An impression of Ms Nokuthamba Mandela”

This is an painting of Ms Nokuthambo Mandela, sister of Nelson Mandela at her rural home in the transkei.

Marian Faithfull:  Last Note Of The Ballad of Lucy Jordan “Marian Faithfull: Last Note Of The Ballad of Lucy Jordan”

Just my imagination in colors at how she will sing that

Xhosa Woman “Xhosa Woman”

The Xhosa Woman is very colorful