Jill Mcbride

I feel fortunate to have been born and raised near the California Coastlines. Most of my younger years were spent in, on or under the soft, salty waters from Playa Del Rey to San Clemente.

I began painting in my 60's after a fall that left me in the hospital for 2 days then confined to my home for 90 days. My son Jeff encouraged me to try painting and so it all began. My many wonderful memories poured out of me onto canvas without lessons or any idea of what a color wheel is.

I continue to be inspired by the beauty of each imperfect day, flower, face, dream, and mostly the raw beauty of nature, unadorned.


Paintings by Jill McBride

Sharing my take on this world through paintings in a colorful, and often playful way. Born and raised in California enabled me to see an interesting influx of people from other countries and cultures. This "melting pot" steeped me in traditions that are best shown on canvas. The beautiful imperfections of life make perfect art...

Return To Sender “Return To Sender”

I have found that on occasion you must not accept what appears to be a "gift"

Turn A Deaf Ear “Turn A Deaf Ear”

There are many times you must not let the rantings of a maniac seep into your being...

Underwater Garden “Underwater Garden”

The Pacific Ocean is my inspiration for this piece.


A friend of mine sent a photo of a flagship and asked me to paint it for them. This is the result.


A glimpse into the after hours of the party goers...and yes, been there done that. :-)


This came to me after attending a wedding and watching all the beautiful single women jump into the air in their attempt to catch the bouquet.


This was done is soft, feminine colors while thinking of the beauty of my daughter Lisa.

"Glassy" “"Glassy"”

Two boats waiting patiently for that coveted breeze....