Anne Radu

Anne Radu, M.A. lives and works in Devon, U.K. Best known as a fine artist (painter), but also enjoys making a wide range of pieces from mosaics to knitted pieces for her studio shop.



Wind Against Tide.

Coyright Anne Radu. Mixed media, textured painting on canvas.

All You Need is....... “All You Need is.......”

One of my psychedelic series of paintings, started in the 1970s and still ongoing...... Many of these paintings have words hidden in them - this one you can read quite easily. Mixed media on board.

Wind Against Tide “Wind Against Tide”

Mixed media painting on canvas 50 x 50 cm plus frame. Also available as smaller print on deep canvas. Inspired by sailing!

Venus on Wave “Venus on Wave”

Original is acrylic on canvas paper, painted in 1999. This is one of the Venus series of paintings, which is ongoing. Very high quality giclee prints available. Copyright Anne Radu.