Cinzia Quadri

Cinzia Quadri

Location: Italy

My name is Cinzia Quadri, I was born in Casalmaggiore, in the province of Cremona, raised in Sabbioneta, a small Renaissance artistic town in the province of Mantua, in the Po valley, near the largest river in Italy, the Po; and resident in Deruta, a town in green Umbria, a region of nature and art and a historic town of Artistic Majolica. I live between Lombardy and Umbria. I have cultivated, from an early age, a passion for art, drawing and painting. Social events and canons led me to economic studies and to a clerical job, but my real and deep passion prevailed over everything, leading me to return to my true path, that of art, painting and photography. Indulging myself in the various techniques that I love to experiment and discover, I immerse myself in art by first experimenting with the technique of watercolor pastels, with which I created landscapes with animals, basically wild, a sign of the desire for freedom from the daily routine. With any technique, from chalk to oil, the explosion of colors tends to always be very strong and brilliant, the brushstrokes give strong sensations and emotions every time, with plays of light that embellish everything. I am self-taught but I have attended various painting courses, from the study of the human body, to masonry techniques, airbrush, hyper-realistic portraits and the Renaissance Reproductions course on artistic majolica, which was an important phase of my career, considered as a school of the great masters.



The creations that best represent me are the paintings born in Indian ink, then developed also on majolica, on steel and in oil, each time creating an increasingly refined personal stylistic research in order to make the most of the potential of each technique. Mine are works born from moments of unconscious inspiration, which express hidden emotions through my free symbology of a series of intersecting images also with each other, with words, poems, songs. Attracted by art and also towards music and poetry from which I am often inspired, I combine theatrically on a stage of signs, images, words and musical texts. My complex depth, my multifaceted interiority, my superior instincts dedicated to the search for truth, for the less obvious meaning of things and of life itself, in a sort of prescient vision, guide me in interpreting the most hidden realities, in the form exclusive, in an original and extremely personal way. I found a name for this technique "Hindsight", (literally it would be rear view, seeing from behind ... that is, seeing things not as they appear to us, but going around them and seeing them from there, from the opposite angle) in spoken language, Hindsight is translates as "hindsight", meaning an awareness of something after having studied, tried, absorbed it. My works are complex, they hide many details and details that need to be paid attention to in order to arrive at a deep and complete interpretation of reality. With passion and dedication I carry on my art, painting everything around me according to my vision, with the aim of involving anyone who is attracted by my works..

Il mare, la luna, il vento ... “Il mare, la luna, il vento ...”

"il mare, la luna, il vento..."
Tecnica HindsightArt
• Universi Paralleli •
Quadro ad olio + cera metallizzata color argento
su tela mis: 60x80 cm
Novembre 2011 / 26 Febbraio 2012

Ispirato e con all'interno:
il mare, la luna, il vento...

Il mare
La luna che si specchia nell'immenso
il riflesso argentato che ondeggia
Il Vento
La sabbia, con la sua morbidezza mi accarezza la pelle...
i piedi, le mani, la schiena...
i capelli che scivolano, volano,
seguono le onde del vento...
Gocce fresche di acqua salata
fuggono dalle onde vivaci
che si irrompono sulla riva vellutata
spinte dalla forza del vento
il suono di una risata arriva da lontano
guardo attorno...
nessun volto padrone di quel suono squillante...
arrivato da solo col vento...
solo io e il mondo
il mondo di fronte a me
nell'immensità e nell'infinito..
il mare... la luna... il vento...

Lei, lei, lei... “Lei, lei, lei...”

"Lei, lei, lei"
Hindisght•Art con all'interno testo poesia
"Lei, lei, lei.." di Carlo Ninivaggi
Tela mis.30x30 cm
Agosto 2011

lei mi guarda
lei non capisce
lei mi ignora
lei mi tradisce

lei si volta
lei si protende
verso un futuro
che non ci attende

io non posso che fissarla
io non so odiarla
io non so dimenticarla
io non posso che amarla

Carlo Ninivaggi @ Dark Morning

Fool “Fool”

“Fool” dall’omonima canzone degli Archive
Olio e Acrilici Metallizzati
tela mis.120 x120