Efrain Gonzalez

Efrain Gonzalez

Location: Colombia

Born on September 6, 1982, in Bucaramanga, Efrain Gonzalez Vargas is a prominent plastic artist from Santander. Recognized for his uniqueness within his generation, he has cultivated a strong technical and artisanal expertise across various mediums and materials.

His work has been showcased in several Colombian galleries, standing out for his focus on abstract expressionism and his distinctive style employing the unique "Dripping - impasto" technique. This method lends his creations a distinctive three-dimensional connotation. Drawing from challenging personal experiences and observations of Colombia's social context, he channels repressed expressions into his art, infusing sensitivity into each piece, particularly in the exploration of human anatomy and spirituality.


Dimension alterna

Frida Kahlo in her eternal and sorrowful suffering, akin to the creation of the cosmos as it gestates within a new embryo. In his unique, monochromatic abstraction filled with elements, Efrain Gonzalez Vargas stands out for bridging the gap between art and fantasy. His work, characterized by its sui generis nature, traverses from a parallel world to an affectionate encounter with color and composition. In his inaugural exhibition, he presents a clever proposal with substantial impastos and subtle glazes, bringing to life a unique narrative that invites the viewer to confront their own reality directly.

Memorias de un pueblo, casi en el olvido “Memorias de un pueblo, casi en el olvido”

2022. Mixed on MDF - 63 x 63 in (length x height)

Concentración de fuerzas “Concentración de fuerzas”

2019. Mixed on aluminum foil - 42 x 45 in (length x height)

Los zapatos viejos de Netter “Los zapatos viejos de Netter”

2020. Plaster, cold porcelain and resin - 6 x 16 in (length x height)

Las dos Fridas y mis demonios internos “Las dos Fridas y mis demonios internos”

2020. Mixed on aluminum foil - 46 x 46 in (length x height)

De un dolor inmenso florece un amor eterno “De un dolor inmenso florece un amor eterno”

2020. Mixed on MDF - 32 x 39 in (length x height)

American flag 1 “American flag 1”

2019. Mixed on aluminum foil - 46 x 46 in (length x height)