Jenny Stockfleth

Jenny Stockfleth

Location: Denmark

I am internationally recognized artist and Spiritual / lifestyle coach.

As Spiritual / lifestyle coach I help you with help.

Training of ambassadors on business and municipalities and associations and organizations.
Stress Coaching preventive & Personal Coaching.

When you / I choose me, then it is a confidential conversation and I have confidentiality.

As internationally recognized billedkunstner.Kommer out in your companies, institutions, private and exhibit my works of art where it is possible to buy dem.Kommer also out and paint the walls with designs to order.

That comes out lectures on art to put a debate on our inner soul and what it is doing by one and jump into the painting art for everyone if you will exceed its borders to even say.

I can help with getting out of the business and set new artworks from the other artist and my works once a month and make lease on it.

Company artist consultant. Exhibition consultant.

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