Robin O'neal

Painting watercolor Christmas cards with her artist father when she was seven started Robin’s love of the creative process. Over the years she oil painted to a BFA degree at California State University with emphasis in studio painting. She went on to study zinc plate etching for print making at Berkeley then went on to California College of Arts and Crafts to polish her jewelry making and stone setting skills. In New York a conference at the New York Fashion Institute inspired her love of wearable art. As a member of both SNAG - The Society of North American Goldsmiths and MAG The Metalsmiths Art Guild she went from a Berkeley Street artist creating her own designs into working as an apprentice with master jewelers at Bay Area jewelry shops including a Gump’s jewelry designer. Traveling to Europe during her college years she visited every Famous Museum in Europe studying the fine art of the world. From the Louvre in Paris to the Cairo Museum in Egypt she spent days contemplating works of art from ancient to modern. While in London she joined the Royal Goldsmiths Guild and enjoyed the sophisticated futuristic European designers. Later she went a different direction into law and worked as a paralegal for a number of years; until once again the creative process wanted to be unleashed from the confines of legal mumbo jumbo. Currently living in the Eastern Sierras Robin found that the lure of mountains, lakes, rivers and desert has inspired her to return to landscape oil painting of these magnificent natural splendors.