Afrodite Papadouli

afrodite papadouli

Location: Greece

Afrodite Papadouli was born in Athens,Greece.
From 1998 to 2000 she studied in the School of Fine Arts in the
Aristotle University of Thesssaloniki and from there on until 2002 she continued her studies in the Athens School of Fine Arts under the supervision of Y.Psychopedis.


2011 Soul -Soul Healing ,Gallery 7, Athens
2009 Under The Sun, Bedfordbury Gallery , Covent Garden,London
2009 Personal Recordings, Gallery 7,Athens
2008 Persevering With Grace, Giomisti Kefali, Sifnos
2007 Morning Dreams, Gallery 7,Athens
2005 Christina Karella ,Athens
2003 Christina KARELLA, Athens


2012 May Global Project, Broadway Gallery, Soho,NY
2010 Not The Royal Academy, Llewellyn Alexander, London
2007 Gallery 7, Athens
2006 Art Philo Gallery,Hellenic Center ,London
2006 An Exhibition For The Human Rights, Athens


2000 A distinction for the project entitled :EURO -World
Europeans painting for young cancer patients
2001 A dinstinction for the competition :Piraeus as a Port and a Station -the project for the refurbishment of Piraeus train station


colour and light

Throughout the years of my work, I have realised that making art in Greece I always had nature in my side .
The sun makes all things crystal clear and the sea is all around me to teach me the beauty of change.
I find that abstraction is one of the most essential elements of my work, however when it comes to portraits of people I know I always prefer to be close to them .
When an artist shows his work to a bigger audience this is always a great chance for his career .
He finds that more people can be affected and that art is even more powerful.
The beauty of an artistic piece is that one can always carry it in his heart.


After a considerable time of misfortunes most of the people have the tendency to feel sorry for themselves and as years go by this can only be worse. In my opinion it is better to go on with one's life , be creative and assertive. Here is a painting with mixed media , of 60x60 cm.