Terry Hart

Born in Waxahachie, Texas, 1952.
Earned MFA in Painting and Drawing from Sam Houston State University in 1991.


gif-Terry Hart - ART

this is just a animated graphic advertisement and a few paintings that were done in the 20th century

Dancer “Dancer”

Inspired by my girlfriend, Laura and one of her paintings of a transparent nude female on the beach and also by a party that I attended.

Dancer “Dancer”

This is a very small painting from a series of nudes that was inspired by the artist Laura Spicer Rosenstein. It is only about 4 inches wide and 10 inches high.

Dancer “Dancer”

An image that was inspired by Laura.

Bubble “Bubble”

Inspiration for this painting comes from swimming underwater in a pool that I worked at, the Bryan Aquatic Center.

Bubble “Bubble”

From the bottom of a pool

Bubbles “Bubbles”

I swam laps and saw much inspiration from my many 1 mile swims

Mural “Mural”

I did this mural for my church. It's a backdrop for a play

dancer “dancer ”

Drawings are made by all different mediums, even paint. This drawing is acrylic on canvas and is a preliminary sketch for a painting

dancer “dancer”

A drawing done with acylic paint on canvas

dancer “dancer”

Carcoal on bristol board drawing of a ballerina in motion

dancer “dancer”

Acrylic drawing on canvas, a preliminary sketch for a painting

soul “soul”

This painting is my interpretation of a soul freed