Ana Candioti

ana candioti

Location: Argentina

Latino American and International artist, US Citizen, representative of an artistic trend that follows the tradition of social realism initiated in Argentina by the painter Antonio Berni. And by the Mexican Muralist in Mexico
She is an artist within the social realism trend that undertakes her plastic activity by committing her paintings with a responsible didactic and social awareness objective. Contemporary artist, her task is geared towards capturing reality and a way of life of different ethnic communities all over the world. Her work is developed like the muralist concept and in Series that unites a lifestyle of concepts in Art and Testimony.

Permanent exhibits in well known Galleries, Museums, Universities and Institutions in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Norway, France, Germany and the United States.
Permanent commissions in Universities , and in private and public Institutions

Atomic Energy Art Museum - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Castagnino Art Museum - Rosario -Argentina
Quilmes Art Museum - Quilmes - Argentina
Eduardo Sivori Art Museum - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Museum of Fine Arts - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Rali Art Museum - Punta del Este - Uruguay
San Fernando Art Museum - Madrid - Spain
Cornell Art Museum - Delray Beach City - FL - US
Lowe Art Museum - Miami City - Florida - US
MoLAA - Museum of Latin American Art - Long Beach, CA -
FIU - Florida International University - Miami - FL - US
Saint Thomas University Miami - FL - US
UCDavis - University of California Davis - CA - US
USC - University of State of California - Sacramento - US
E. Pichon Riviere Social Psychology School - Argentina
E. Pichon Riviere Social School Art Collection - Santa Fe -
UFSC - Santa Catarina University - Gallery - Brazil
Cancun's Archeologic Museum - Mexico
Intercontinental President Hotel Art Collection - Mexico
Aristos International Hotel Art Collection - Cancun - Mexico
Banco de la Nacion Argentina Art Collection - - Argentina
Barton Gallery - Sacramento – CA
Wenatchee Museum and Cultural Center – WA – US
Cerpacu – Tucuman National University – Argentina
Women Museum – Buenos Aires - Argentine

Visual Art's Instructor

Periodicals and art critic’s publications from 1971 to present

1976/78 - Salon Nacional de Pinturas - Rosario and Buenos Aires - Argentina
1994 - Praxis Galle1984/85enos Aires - Argentina
1998 - Hi Lai Art Market - FL - US
1999 - The Cove Rincon Prize - Miami - US
2004 - The Art Server Prize - Fort Lauderdale - US
2006 - Del Paso Boulevard Art Banners - Sacramento - CA - US


1973/75- Kids Visual Art Instructor at Charles de Foucauld English School for Children - Bs As - Argentina
1973/74 - Art Visual Graphic Area Instructor , Aesthetic Education Seminary for Teacher from Elementary Schools Quilmes Education Research Center
1975 - Visual Art Teacher - Communication from Visual Arts elements to deaf and mute teachers course
1980/90- Art Teacher , Principal for Children's workshop - Hector Giuffre Art Studio School - Buenos Aires - Argentina
1980/96 - Taught Adults Drawing and painting at Art Studios in Buenos Aires - Argentina
1984/85 - Pictorial Techniques (all mediums) Art Restoration Technical Institute - Buenos Aires - Argentina
1990/96 - Art History Teacher - Visual Art Teacher - Regional Art Teacher in Fine Art Tucuman city University - CERPACU Buenos Aires - Argentina
1998/99- Master Classes to Artists , President Intercontinental Hotel cultural extension courses - Cancun - MX
1999/2005 - Visual Art Teacher - Pictorial Techniques to Children, teenagers and adults i- Baxter Gallery – Miami - FL – USA
1999 – Fresco – master classes – Intercontinental Hotel – Cancun - Mx
2006 - Master Classes, pictorial Techniques to Art Students, Caribbean University - Cancun - Mexico

1998/2000 INSTALATIONS - Tropigala Club – Fountain blew Hotel, Miami _ Fl
2003/6 – MURALS - INSTALLATIONS – Todo un Poco Restaurant – Elk Grove CA
2004 – MURALS - Cerpacu – S.Miguel de Tucuman - Argentina
2006/7 – MURALS – Michoacan Restaurant – Sacramento – CA
2007 – MURAL – Elliot Natural Food – Sacramento – CA
2009/12 - EXTERIOR MURAL – Multimedia – Peruvian Museum- Baxter Gallery-Fl

1960/62 - Drawing and paint at D.Mendez Terrero's Visual Art Studio - Argentina
1963/64 - Drawing in A. Espada's Visual Art Studio - Buenos Aires - Argentina
1965/67 - Virtual art at H. Giuffre' Visual Art Studio - Argentina
1968/71 - Manuel Belgrano, Visual Art's School - Buenos Aires - Argentina
1973/75 - Prilidiano Pueyrredon Visual Art's University - Argentina


1983/86- Dade Schools - Buenos Aires - Argentina
1988 -The Folk Paint - Anthropology National Direction - Buenos Aires - Argentina
1990 - The Social Paint - Benito Juarez - Argentina
1995 - The social Destiny of Art - E.P. Rivere School of Social Psychology - Sta Fe
1996 - The Social Paint - Fine Arts University - Human Rights Dept. - Bs As - Argentina
1996 - The social Destiny of Art - Federal University of Saint Catherine - Brazil
1998 - Art and Testimony -International Amnesty - Miami - USA
2002 - Art and Testimony - Caribbean University - Mexico
2002 - Art and Testimony – Cancun University - Mexico
2002 - Art and Testimony - President Intercontinental Hotel – Cancun - Mexico
2003 - Art and Testimony – UC Davis University - California - US
2003 - Art and Testimony - Sacramento California State University - Sacramento - US
2003 - Art and Testimony - Art University - Tucuman - Argentina
2003 - Art and Testimony - Fine Arts Schools -Tucuman - Argentina
2003 - Art and Testimony - Art University - Rosario - Argentina
2003 - Art and Testimony - 1st School of Social Psychology - Tucuman - Argentina
2003 - Art and Testimony - National University -Tucuman - Argentina
2003 - Art and Testimony - Raices Cultural Center - Buenos Aires - Argentina
2003 - Culture and Identity -The Book Market - Buenos Aires - Argentina
2004 - Art and Testimony Sivori Art Museum - Buenos Aires - Argentina
2006 - Art and Testimony - Caribean University – Can Cun – Mexico
2007 – Art and Testimony – Buenos Aires, University of Art
2008 – Art and Testimony – High School – Quincy – WA - USA
2011 - Art and testimony - CASA TURQUESA MUSEUM HOTEL -



By: Rafael Squirru
Argentine Art Critic. Founder of the Modern Art Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Crítico de Arte Argentino. Fundador del Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ms. Candioti undoubted will and serious purposes have placed her among the artists from whom we can expect a contribution to the art of painting in universal terms. I know of no other artist who has followed the traditions with the sight of Social Paint with the same impetus, having reaped such important fruits. Happy are those who can enjoy her ever increasing master ship.
By: Carol Damian
Art Crítico and Director of the Visual Arts Department at the Florida International University
Crítico de Arte y Directora del Departamento de Artes Visuales de la Universidad Internacional de la Florida
She has studied the indigenous peoples of many Countries; and the Africans, many of whom are the descendants of slaves who made such valuable contributions to American society, and the peasant communities that occupy the vast landscapes from sea to sea. Although it is the face that speaks to the dignity of the people, she also carefully documents customs and other aspects of the environment to respectfully place each subject within the proper framework of his/her life.She not only captures their physical appearance, she also endeavors to depict them within the context of their history and traditions. Their faces become a testimony of the past and to enduring pride
By: Guillermo Losteau
President of the Argentine Cultural Center in Miami
Presidente del Centro Cultural Argentino en Miami
...Ana goes one step beyond: she brings back to conscience ethnic groups in danger of extinction, not only through her artistry, but as first hand witness to ways of life and customs, the fruit of living amongst the very groups she has chosen to portray. Her trajectory is somewhat paradoxical. While it is grounded on a representation of closed and very singular communities, the artwork of Ana Candioti reaches an unusual universality. And it fills us with pride.
By: Pérez Celis
Argentine painter and sculptor
....Ana Candioti is installed in the field of realism, away from naturalism as a mere illustration in her portraits bear the risk to find her own voice through her own spirit forged and turning in the same character and expression of the sitter.
With solid drawing and color sensitive and really thought his works as paintings transcend beyond the similarity and that is what will make them permanent....


ACRYLIC ON CANVAS - 180 cm x 280 cm - this is the maiz tortilla product of the Mayans people in Comunity