Stacey O'neill

Stacey lives in Wellington New Zealand and had been painting from her home studio fulltime for the past 17 years.
She exhibits and sells her work in various galleries in New Zealand and sells internationally.
In the past she painted murals in public places and many in Hospitals and healing centres in NZ and Australia. She has found it very rewarding to see the effects of art benefiting and aiding the healing process.
Presently she works mainly from her studio, and has many styles , working with canvas, wood, paint and mixed media but is probably best known for her landscapes that take on a surreal, other-worldly quality, often with a subtle ecological theme.

Stacey accepts commissions and more of her work can be seen on her web site
It is her wish that you receive as much pleasure from her works as she does in creating it.


Stacey O'Neill

In The Eye Of The Bird “In The Eye Of The Bird”

acrylic on canvas 910mm x 1510mm

Poutini's Canoe “Poutini's Canoe”

acrylic on canvas 920mm x 2010mm

Soft Rain “Soft Rain”

acrylic on canvas 1000mm x 750mm

Transformation “Transformation”

acrylic on canvas 1200mm x 750mm

Glimpse Between Worlds “Glimpse Between Worlds”

mixed media on wood 1200mm x 900mm

Birdbath “Birdbath”

acrylic on canvas 500mm x 1500mm

The Delicate Art Of Balance And Flight “The Delicate Art Of Balance And Flight”

acrylic on canvas 1520mm x 920mm

Transmissions “Transmissions”

acrylic on canvas 1210mm x 750mm

The Seeds Of Hope “The Seeds Of Hope”

mixed media on canvas 910mm x 600mm

Regenerate “Regenerate”

acrylic painted on Nikau spathe

Slice Of Heaven “Slice Of Heaven”

commissioned for Wellington Hospital acylic on canvas 1000mm x 2500mm