Jane Du Brin

The process for me is a multifaceted one, and it begins with that initial impulse or idea.... It could be a subjective interpretation of the environment, skyscapes based upon an emotional response for example. Or, it could be a more formal approach, dealing with the figure and linear construction to the piece. The intent is not to portray the subject, but rather to "capture" its essence, or to delve into an idea where "subject" is used as point for departure. Later come thoughts of craft: qualities of line and pattern, shape relationships, use of materials, surface and markmaking. What is of interest to me is the concise depiction of "essence", or conveyance of energy.

Educational Overview: MA in Drawing and Painting from California State University, Northridge. Studying under Hans Burkhardt. Scholarship for figure drawing: Laguna Beach School of Art. Studied with Wayne Thiebaud, Artist in Residence. BS from Empire State College, Albany NY. Concentration in portraiture. Associates in FA from Sage Colleges, Albany Campus, High Honors.

Brief Resume: Adjunct professor, Indian River Community College, Fort Pierce Campus, FL. Elliott Museum of Stuart, FL. Art History, drawing and painting. Instructor, Drawing and Painting, The Studio, Stuart, FL Adjunct faculty and Adult Extension: Glendale Community College, Glendale CA. San Fernando Community College, San Fernando. CA. Learning Tree University, Chatsworth, CA. TA CSUN, Northridge, CA Life Drawing Workshops, Vero Beach Center of the Arts. Staff, Laguna Beach Museum of Art, CA. Asst to Director, Laguna Beach School of Art, CA. TA to Chair of FA Dept, Sage Colleges, Albany NY.

Awards in Drawing/Painting from juried shows in Fort Pierce, and Stuart Florida.(2008-2012) Backus Museum. Elliott Museum. Awards in 2012-15: Light Space and Time Gallery, mixed media, painting, and photography. Nude Attitude: Juried National Exhibition, Peoria, Ill. March,2013, 2014. Nude Nite: Contemporary Juried National Exhibition, Tampa, FL. March 2013,2015. Orlando, FL in 2014, 2015. Group Shows: Simon's Gallery Jupiter, FL. Contompasis Gallery in Albany NY. Desolation Road Gallery in Altamont, NY. 'Convergence Show' at the Armory, New York, New York. Albany Center Gallery, Albany, NY. 2014.


figurative pieces

oil and vine canvas

posing “posing”

an abstracted or expressionistic take on a portrait

four “four”

gesture drawing
vine on canvas, 34"x49"

25x48 “25x48”

standing model sketch in oil

line in vine “line in vine”

life drawing/abstracting from the figure
vine on canvas

contorted “contorted”

life drawing, vine on paper

seated figure “seated figure”

abstracting from life
minimalist line in vine

3 “3”

minimalist oil sketch from life
34"x46", canvas

standing in light “standing in light”

figurative oil sketch

colour studies

watercolor and oil sketches
abstracting from landscape

gray cloud “gray cloud”

plein air watercolour sketch

gray “gray”

plein air watercoloour

little palm “little palm”

watercolour sketch

cloudscape/gray “cloudscape/gray”

abstracting from nature
plein air oil sketch

pochad in green “pochad in green”

gestural abstraction from landscape