Augusto Grácio

augusto grácio

Location: Portugal

Born in Lisbon and attended the Superior School of fine arts in the same city.Your curricula and the works made since 1980, are patents in various publications and on the individual site.


Painting of Augusto Grácio

The painting by Augusto Grácio characterised essentially by twofold.
First the themes are very diverse.
Second, the way to address the composition makes his painting of easy identification.

The letter “The letter”

This work features a woman surprised by receipt of a letter with unexpected news, a daily indifferent.

The wait “The wait”

This work is now characterized by desperate uncertainty of a wait.
Waiting for someone who has become too important.

Dom quijote y sancho pança “Dom quijote y sancho pança”

It is a thematic work, whose essential characteristic is the ambiguity given to composition.Where there is a treatment of horses and other data to pictures.
Horses are treated as toys if treat translating the dream dreamlike nature of Don quixote.

Chatting away in the garden “Chatting away in the garden”

This work discusses the chatty conversation between three young in place of a garden. coy
The chatterbox, one that converses and waiting patiently for expressing their opinion.

Sea of storms “Sea of storms”

This composition covers the fabulous theme. of the sea,
Mythical caravel of the past brought a dark sea forces, formally composed of metaphorical hair the a Ondine.

Street lads “Street lads”

Street boys is a topic addressed in this painting looking for a treatment of boys focusing the manly aspect of kids grown and, on the other hand, the playful nature of street games.

Painting the music

Augusto Gracio gives far his talent in his canvases about music. Very mature, they appear as modern HVAC enamels, with their flamboyant chromaticism and their white banded instruments. Instruments vibrate and the artist plays as much paint music.
(Alain Coudert)

September morning “September morning”

Allusion to the famous homonymous composition of Deil Diamond.

guitar plays softly... “guitar plays softly...”

Allusion to the namesake title of one of the most famous fados of Portugal 's.