Burhan Yilmaz


Location: Turkey

Burhan YILMAZ was born in 1981, in Silifke, Türkiye. Graduated from Mustafa Kemal University, Faculty of Education, Department of Art Education, 2005. 2009, Courses in fine arts at Ecole Regionale Superiore d’Expression de Plastique, in Tourcoing, Lille- France. 2010, graduated from Master Program of Painting Division in Institute of Fine Arts of Mersin University. 2014, Graduated from PhD. Program of Painting Division in Institute of Fine Arts of Gazi University. He is working as faculty member in Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Duzce University. He had two solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions, festivals and symposiums. Some attended exhibitions are below:
2018: XX. Cerveira Art Biennial, Vila de Cerveira, Portugal
2018: Selected Artist in Osten Biennial of Drawing, Skopje, Macedonia
2018: IVA-International Visual Arts Festival, Tahran, Iran
2018: Elektro Arts Festival, Cluj-Napoca Art and Design University, Romania
2017:ICAS-International Contemporary Art Show, International Culture and Art Dialogue Assembly, İzmir, Turkey
2017: Istanbul Rotary Art Competition, Exhibition, Elgiz Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
2016: Oart Art Competition, Odeabank Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2016: “Traces of Don Quixote” International Group Exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey
2015: “20. Small T” Group Exhibition, Hobi Art Gallery, İstanbul.
2015. 16 International Art Festival, “Second Nature” Juried Exhibition. METU, KKM. Gallery, Ankara, Turkey
2014: “Mash Up” Group Exhibition, Islip Art Museum, New York, USA
2014: 8. Biennial of Miniature Art, Czecstechowa, Polonya
2014- 15. DFEWA. International East/West Artist “Contemporary Art Symposium” Carei, Satu Mare, Romania
2013- FGM International Contemporary Art Symposium, Islip Art Museum, New York, USA
2013- International Group Exhibition, Briarcliff College Art Gallery, New York, USA
2013- “International Zervas Art Symposium” Agora, Patras, Greece
2013- “Shanti Ra Sadhbhav” International Group Exhibition, Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu, NEPAL.


new works

Burhan Yılmaz's works examines the transformation of objects into fragments through economic and physical changes, and particularly re-signification of aspects of cultural objects like function and consumption. These works were realized by a series of different methods such as painting, installation, drawing, photography. They examine units, forms and systems through experimental interventions in different environments. It can be argued that the background of his works is a cumulative text consisting of concepts such as piece-whole-unit-fragment-repeat.
In his works, objects are included as fragments. Functions, images and forms of these objects are transformed into ironic meaning or meaninglessness. The energy of the inanimate things that exist in the objects that are seen in the works is turned on by the touch of the artist. This makes it possible to create a movement from the individual window of the artist towards aesthetic, political, and basic act of life.

A futuristic past, “A futuristic past,”

Installation, 120x30x3 cm

A futuristic past 1 “A futuristic past 1”

Installation, 140x60x3 cm.

Wreath 1 “Wreath 1 ”

Installation, 20x10 cm.

Requiem for: At least 1970 workers died “Requiem for: At least 1970 workers died”

Installation, 120 x 120 x 5 cm.

An elegant resume “An elegant resume”

installation, 130x30x6cm.

Gear, 30x30cm.installation “Gear, 30x30cm.installation”

Gear, 30x30cm.installation