Leslie Hoops-wallace

Since moving to Bonaire Georgia (2000) Leslie has been a free lance artist, and art teacher. She has two illustrations in the Macon Sketch book, and Illustrated the Book ‘Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog’, and its sequel 'Bullmina to the Rescue': www.bullmina.com Two of her paintings were given to President G W Bush when he was in Perry, GA one Halloween, the paintings were American Chaos, 9-11, and Iraqi Freedom. Leslie also paints wildlife, pet portraiture, aviation, fantasy, and political paintings.
Ms. Hoops-Wallace has been the President of the Fine Art Society of Middle Georgia, and is active in the group.
Leslie is the Art instructor for the Arts and Crafts Center on Robins AFB in Warner Robins, Georgia, teaching watercolor, drawing, and acrylic. She also teaches at the Butler Brown Gallery, Acrylics for kids, and at the Byron Visitors center at the Peach Shops teaching Watercolor.
Leslie Hoops-Wallace enjoys painting animals, and in the mid eighties,(while in Antioch, California) and most of the nineties (While in San Antonio, Texas) worked in animal hospitals as a veterinarians assistant, and receptionist. While there she studied the animal muscle structure, mostly of cats and dogs, and some birds; but horses are her favorite to paint. Leslie used to own horses, until going to college, (1983-1986 Academy Of Art University, San Francisco, CA BFA in Illustration.) and did not have time for them. Her favorite class during college was the location drawing with Bill Shields. The class went all over San Francisco drawing in a sketch book with an ink pen. That will build your confidence in drawing! Now most of Leslie's time is spent with family, and teaching. She has two boys and they both enjoy drawing. Her husband works also at Robins AFB. You can find Leslie Hoops-Wallace on Facebook, She posts her paintings there as they are finished, sometimes posting up the Works in Process, so you can follow along. You can also find her on Deviant Art as unicornsquest.


Artwork by Leslie Hoops-Wallace

Paintings by Leslie Hoops-Wallace
You will find paintings done either in Watercolor, or in Acrylic, with an occasional Pen and Ink or Pencil Sketch.

Animals by Leslie Hoops-Wallace

Animal Paintings by Leslie Hoops-Wallace
You will find paintings done either in Watercolor, or in Acrylic.
Commissions are always accepted!

American Pride “American Pride”

An acrylic painting I did. The Eagles are like the soldiers watching over America protecting the country, and families.

Cheeta and Family “Cheeta and Family”

Acrylic painting, mom watches out for her cubs.

Chocolate Lab “Chocolate Lab”

Pun painting, Chocolate Lab....Labrador puppy in a vat of chocolate.... Watercolor on Canvas

Fall Leaving “Fall Leaving”

Enter Spring, a bird on a fence, with a colorful background. Acrylic

Green Turtle break for the ocean “Green Turtle break for the ocean”

Acrylic painting I did of a Green Turtle Hatchling.

Hawk in the Woods “Hawk in the Woods”

Acrylic painting I did of a red tailed hawk.

Looking at YOU “Looking at YOU”

5x7 painting I did of a horses eye.

Horse Splash “Horse Splash”

Watercolor painting I did of horses in a pasture, had fun with the edges.

Horses in a field “Horses in a field”

Horses standing in a Georgia field. Acrylic

Foal Friends “Foal Friends”

Several Foals in a field, enjoying watercolor on canvas!

Wolf Splash “Wolf Splash”

Acrylic portrait of a wolf, with a fun splashy background.

Savannah Buggy Horses “Savannah Buggy Horses”

Watercolor painting of buggy horses I saw in Savannah Ga.

Spring Foal “Spring Foal”

Painting I did of a friend of mine's new foal.

Tybee “Tybee”

Painting I did of the Tybee Island Lighthouse

Ode to Georgia Okeefe “Ode to Georgia Okeefe”

Still life painting I did in Acrylic

Aviation Paintings By Leslie Hoops-Wallace

Aviation Paintings by Leslie Hoops-Wallace
You will find paintings done either in Watercolor, or in Acrylic.
Commissions are always accepted!

Atlantis Opening “Atlantis Opening”

Acrylic painting of the Shuttle Atlantis

Black Bird “Black Bird”

Acrylic Painting of the SR-71

B-52 “B-52”

Watercolor painting of the B-52

Columbia Mourned “Columbia Mourned”

Painting of the Space Shuttle Columbia and its disaster.

Eagle “Eagle”

Painting of the F-15 in Acrylic

F-15 “F-15”

Watercolor painting of the F-15

The Gemini Meet “The Gemini Meet”

Meeting of the two Gemini in space acrylic

Last Lift Off “Last Lift Off”

The space shuttle takes off for the last time.

Robins AFB, Controllers Nightmare “Robins AFB, Controllers Nightmare”

Acrylic painting I did of the Robins Air Force Base, and the planes they support.

Shuttle at Kelley AFB “Shuttle at Kelley AFB”

Painting I did of one of the shuttles piggybacking as the landed at Kelley AFB in Texas

Shuttle Open “Shuttle Open”

Another Acrylic painting of the Space Shuttle

Political Art by Leslie Hoops-Wallace

Political Paintings by Leslie Hoops-Wallace
You will find paintings done either in Watercolor, or in Acrylic.
Commissions are always accepted!

Caged Freedom “Caged Freedom”

Painting I did regarding George Soros and the socialism he is trying to push on America. The Eagle is surrounded by pens that Obama has signed freedom crushing bills with. The cage is on top of the Bible, the Eagle is standing on the Bill of Rights, and the cage paper is the Constitution. Obama is at his desk talking to the Tea Party Snake, the Tea party is outside. There is spilled tea on his desk, and there are scissors on his desk, will he cut the strings of Soros?

Tossing the World “Tossing the World”

Painting of Barak Obama tossing the World! Acrylic

Iraqi Freedom “Iraqi Freedom”

Painting about the Iraq War, Acrylic This painting was given to President G.W. Bush

American Chaos “American Chaos”

Painting I did after 9-11 done in Acrylic, this painting was given to President GW Bush when he was in office.

Tantrum “Tantrum”

Comic I did about Obama and what he is trying to do to Americas Economic Stress. Watercolor

Bushs' Fault “Bushs' Fault”

According to President Obama, everything is President Bushs' Fault, so here is my painting after the earthquake that shook the DC area, and I found out Obama was playing golf that day. hehe