Bernd Heinrich

Bernd Heinrich

Location: Australia


Born in Weimar in Germany.
Studied at the Kunst Academy Augsburg and graduated with Honours
and a Degree. He held numerous Solo and group Exhibitions since 1974.
He was excepted in the Archibald Prize with Garry McDonald in 1978 and
Thomas Kenneally in 1990. Represented in the National Portrait
Gallery Canberra with the Portrait of Thomas Kenneally and in numerous
private Collections in Australia, America, England and Germany.
Excepted many times in the Wynne Prize and in the Dobell Prize 2003 with a drawing of Prof. Peter Pinson.
In Germany he exhibited in the Grosse Kunst Ausstellung in Munich. Member of the AWI.

Bibliography: Neville Drury, New Art Four, Craftsman House
1990.Julian Fagan, Uncommon Australian, Towards an Australian
Portrait Gallery.
Lives and works in Sydney.


1977 Sydney: Robin Gibson Gallery, Paddington
1978,79,80,82 Sydney: Wagner Art Gallery, Paddington
1983 Gosford: 460 Gallery, Gosford
1987 Sydney: Coventry Gallery, Paddington
1991,1998 Germany: Himmlisch Wohnen Galerie
1992 Sydney: Espace Alliance,
1993 Germany: Frey Galerie Nuernberg
1994 Canberra: Beaver Gallery Deakin ACT
1997, 98 Sydney: North Shore Fine Art Gallery
1998 Germany MBS Galerie
2000 Sydney Norton Gallery
2001 Sydney Wagner Gallery
2001 Sydney Artarmon Gallery
2003 Sydney S Gallery
2006 Sydney Artarmon Gallery
2009 Sydney Wilson Street Gallery


1973,74 Germany: Schwaebische Kunstaustellung
1975,76,77,80,81,83 Sydney: Wynne Prize, Art Gallery of NSW
1978 Sydney: Archibald Prize - Garry McDonald- 1990 Sydney: Archibald Prize - Thomas Keneally-
1983 Germany: Grosse Kunstausstellung Munich
1984 Germany: Grosse Kunstausstellung Munich
1986,87,88,89,90,91, Sydney: S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney
1993,94,95,96,97, 98, 99
1988 Sydney: Coventry Gallery, Paddington
1989 Adelaide: BMG Fine Arts
1989 Sydney: BMG Fine Arts
1989,90,91,92,93,94 Sydney: Mosman Art Prize
1991 Sydney: Bridge Street Gallery
1991 Melbourne: Fine Art Gallery
1992 Uncommon Australians - Brisbane, Melbourne,
Sydney Adelaide, Canberra
1996 Sydney Archibald - Salon de Refuses
David Asden - S.H. Ervin Gallery
1997 Sydney: SCECGS Redlands
1997 Sydney: Wagner Gallery
1998 Shanghai: Wagner Gallery
2000 London: Portrait Gallery
2000 New York New Century Gallery
2003 Sydney NSW GALLERY Dobell Art Prize
2003 Sydney Mosman Art Gallery
2004 Gosford Gosford Art Gallery
2005 Gosford Gosford Art Gallery
2005 Sydney Artarmon Gallery
2006 Sydney Mosman Art Gallery
2010 Sydney Mosman Art Gallery


PUBLICATION: New Art Four, Uncommon Australians
MEMBERSHIPS: Australian Watercolour Institute


My paintings are contemporary “playgrounds – landscapes”
an inner experience of freedom not restricted by convention
or boundaries. My love in painting is to create from the inside
out and to express my passion.

“Playground in time and space” are my re-occurring themes.
Divided and separated by lines, images, symbols, forms
and shapes – composed like a sheet of music in the harmony
of a visual symphony – to reveal my inner world.

My canvases are often heavily textured, deeply scarred and
have the feeling of being sculptured.
Often I use found objects, architectural symbols or silkscreen
images or find it necessary to include written statements or
pieces of poetry to underline our human presence.


Bernd Heinrich
Author Imogen Corlette Curator

One of the most striking and intriguing elements of the new landscape
work being produced in Australia at the moment in the shift towards treating the canvas as the landscape rather than using it simply to represent or depict. In this way, the artist is re-cast as ' toiler the earth' as opposed to its renderer. In these works, the Australian landscape is reborn, not as a colonial outpost, surveyor's plot, picturesque sign of leisure/work, ownership, but as a conceptual and aesthetic "playground" for the artist's imagination.
Bernd is one such artist, whose work are, quintessentially, contemporary Australian landscape, with a look that is simultaneously haunted, scarred, entrancing, lucid and resonating.
The conceptual base of Bernd's work is highly esoteric. The sense of secrecy in the images is strong, with the landscape abstracted to the point where depth, focus and form are almost, obscured - and where the earth appears to harbour secrets and symbols which point outwards to realms beyond the canvas.
Bernd's works are both highly physical (in the complex and rigorous nature of their construction) and highly esoteric. The result is a body of work which makes a well grounded and stimulating contribution to an art historical genre and to "Contemporary Landscape" as a vital element of current international artistic practice.


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