Location: Italy

I love Art and I express myself through its different forms: painting, sculpture, installation, photography and video-art. I am a spatialist who wants top go beyond spatialism and its three dimensionality that are archaeology from the last century by now, trying to interpret the fourth and fifth dimension, that is to say the space-time (identified in movement) and the spirituality in art. That’s why my poetic is the "Vital Space". My previous experiences: abstractism, both conceptual and figurative where I prefer watercolours and I range much in collage, it is not granted that I do not plunge back into these every now and then. Well, I am a restless spirit dabbling in anything: is it immaturity?!!! No, I’d call it "Research and Vitality" of which one is never filled.

The space I have granted to myself in the photographic Art the one of the attentive observer catching unrepeatable images, fixing on the old and glorious film the fleeting moment and pouring everything into the melting pot of the feverish research about man and the surrounding cosmos, thinking about a reflection: “Do human events leave their mark on the universe or the opposite?”.

Just to be along the same thread I am also a writer, I have written "Integrazione, integralismo e nudo integrale - racconti al peperoncino dal mondo glòobale" (Integration, integralism and integral nude – hot tales from the global world) published by PeQuod and an historical novel called "Il sogno" (The dream) published by Jouvence and with the introduction of Franco Cardini.



It’s bigh time to give more Space to Time to have more Time for the Space and going beyond the third dimension

4th dimension “4th dimension”

sculpture in coloured plexiglas
cm 100 x 50 x 100

Today “Today”

cm 63 x 7 x 2,2

Untitled “Untitled”

collage on multistrato
cm 30 x 30 x 3

P. P. 8 “P. P. 8”

collage on mediodensit
cm 65 x 93

P. P. 6 “P. P. 6”

Mixed media on canvas
cm 100x100

Untitled “Untitled”

Collage on multistrato
cm 30x30x3