Location: Bulgaria

Thanks for visiting my page - anyone who shows interest in my work deserves my respect.
I was born in town of Gabrovo, Bulgaria.
Graduated at the Fine Arts School of Tryavna.
My speciality is the fantasy, symbolism and neo surreal art styles.
I strive to achieve the most finest detail in my work. All my artworks are very time consuming,as you can see,so if you want to know how I have created any of my artwork(s),please ask.Would be a pleasure to answer you :-)

All of my original paintings are for sale. Prints of my original art are available too.Prices are reasonable and based on size and/or number of units.
If you would like to purchase one of these original paintings or prints, please do contact me for details, my email address is: dragoart (at) abv.bg




Premonition for a Portrait “Premonition for a Portrait”

Oil on canvas 40x50 cm For sale

Beauty of the Beast “Beauty of the Beast”

Oil on canvas 40x50 cm For sale

Hello? “Hello?”

Oil on canvas 30x40 sm SOLD

Endspiel “Endspiel”

Oil on canvas , Sold

Halfway Home “Halfway Home”

Oil on canvas 30x40 sm For sale

Hats “Hats”

Oil on canvas 30x30 sm Sold

Cannibalistic Breakfast “Cannibalistic Breakfast”

Oil on canvas 40x50 sm SOLD

PSYCHO (Birds in a Private Asylum) “PSYCHO (Birds in a Private Asylum)”

Oil on canvas 40x50 cm SOLD

Confidential Information “Confidential Information”

Oil on canvas, 37X46 sm, For sale

Idolized Eclipse “Idolized Eclipse”

Oil on canvas, 40X50 sm For sale