Marie Plum

Marie Plum

Location: Denmark
Art studio in Helsingør, Denmark.


Art by Marie Plum

Marie Plums pictorial universe.

By Tom Jorgensen, editor of Art newspaper, Bachelor in Art History, Arts Writer, Author, etc.

Although Marie Plums paintings always envision something, imagine at the same time always something else. Not in the sense that her imagery is symbolic or allegorical, as known from eg. Renaissance, but the recognizable motive refers to thoughts and feelings that the artist would like to share with us. Like based on a pun.

Taking the example. the three paintings, reproduced on the opposite side, "Bringing a stone to life, what is the secret," "Uhm .. to be the yolk of an egg" and "Dare you follow," says the at least two things about the artist : Marie Plum in his art communicates experiences, which definitely has a personal, existential, even metaphysical dimension, and that she does so in a sufficiently informal and humorous way that everyone can participate in spite of the philosophical and often serious content .

Personal, very personal, is certainly Marie Plums imagery. Her favorite motif, flower and plant world is used by thousands of artists before her. Also the idea to zoom in on your subject, so it almost appears abstract.

When Marie Plum do so, however, we immediately feeling her, not only as artist but as a person. A man for whom everything in nature and the world as a whole hangs together. A curious, sensual, reflective and inherently resting man who wants to show his enthusiasm for life and his belief in the bright forces of his pictures.

One of the artists' image titles demonstrates this more than anything else: "When you see the beauty in small bites." Instead of the large panoramic vue Marie Plum dive into the details, like the neglected, and shows how the beauty of the macrocosm is reflected here unabated. The round blade meets the vertical growing flower stalk, petals enter into dialogue with the stamens, and the plant world juicy green color says hello to the infinite blue sky. It is not so much naturalism as it is a cosmic consciousness, an all-encompassing holistic belief in all things relationship is the essence of Marie Plums art.

Other artists are trying the same thing, but often succeed not because the artist's good intentions are not met with similar technical skills. As a result, there can not really wake anyone.

When it succeeds Marie Plum, it's because her vision is matched by the ability to communicate them. She can actually reproduce a tulip, a hyacinth, a rose or a plantestængel in such a convincing compositional and coloristic sense that we would be glad to share her visionary imagery and message.

Tom Jorgensen