Location: Australia

Giselle -

Giselle’s background combines art, drawing, painting, photography, interior design, and living a life style, which represents art in itself.

Creating works of art in her Gold Coast Hinterland Studio, she shares her passion for creativity through her individual styled art classes.

Many Galleries have represented Giselle over the years and she has exhibited her work in many Solo and Group exhibitions.

Giselle’s art is stylistically changing from year to year, demonstrating her liking for variety and creativity.
Many of her paintings include items of a personal nature. Her acrylic paintings represent stylish, decadent, semi realistic, abstract expressions of the human figure, city and landscape.
Each painting has meanings close to her heart, combining the past, present and future, creating feelings of surrealism and reality, and evoking a curiosity of what the paintings are really all about.
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Giselle's Portraits

I love painting portraits, and adding some personal abstract touches.

Dieter .L. - Editor of “Dieter .L. - Editor of”

Portrait of Dieter .L. - Editor of - a Natural Health and Lifestyle Information web-portal ...

A touch of abstractions

Depicting, creating and painting lifestyle motives with a touch of abstraction.

The daily grind “The daily grind”

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I want to ride my Bicycle “I want to ride my Bicycle”

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