Location: Australia

The themes behind my work come from a child-like and innocent place, where fairytales, myths and concepts from nature are free to roam all over the canvas with loads of colour and form. I express these stories in a contemporary, abstracted and whimsical manner with some representation and hints of surrealism. I am motivated by story book characters, the natural world and the limitless vault of daydreams I hold in my imagination. My current work is using lines and colour to suggest hidden elements within the earth. The lines are used to imply longevity and freedom, movement and independence allowing some of the strokes to evolve into distinct objects to illustrate a type of transformation inside the constraints of the circular shape. I enjoy using acrylic as my main painting medium onto stretched canvas. I have recently however, begun to experiment with new materials such as ply wood, vinyl record and other mixed media to give the artwork a new dimension or feel.


Mixed Media

A collection of my latest works dabbling in mixed media.