Bev Plowman

Bev Plowman

Location: Australia

I am a trained visual Arts teacher who has become a specialist in murals- painted and mosaics. I love impressionist and abstract styles. I have had exhibitions and many commission pieces.
I love for my work to be relaxing and contemplative. I especially love creating scenes about Water.
I have created a series of water lily and pond scenes, beach and children scenes and some abstract landscapes.
I also love the work of Gustav Klimt and I have created works in this style of romance flowers and gold decorative patterns.
I also run classes in mosaic and drawing and painting.
I am currently working with clay to created moulds and sculptures and bases for mosaics.


Abstract Landscapes

This series of paintings and mosaics are imagined landscapes using colour, texture, shape and line. Inferring a feeling of water, land, objects and dreaming.

underwater “underwater”

underwater abstract mosaic- glass smalti, gold, mirror, coral and pearls

landscape 2 “landscape 2”

abstract landscape. mixed smalti tiles, beads and mirror


seascape paintings

Fetch “Fetch”

Acrylic painting of Bluey and his owners at the Beach

Playing “Playing”

Young girl playing in the sand

Triptych “Triptych”

3 girls on the beach. 3 panels

Watching the waves “Watching the waves”

3 children watching the waves on the beach.

Beach “Beach”

soft romantic view of the beach

Boats on the bay “Boats on the bay”

acrylic painting of Boats on Port Phillip Bay

Ashlee and Bally “Ashlee and Bally”

child and dog on the beach. Acrylic painting