Linda Nadeau

I paint with hand cut stained glass which could be called mosaic.Color is a key element in my work. Early in my art career I worked in oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints. I moved from one medium to another always looking for the most vibrant and translucent color I could find. That is what led me to glass. My primary medium today is hand-cut stained glass mosaic. My approach to working with glass is the same approach I use when painting. I hoard the many colors of glass and think of them as my crayon since the availability of colors defines what is possible. I search out stained glass with color shading and often hear the comment that my work looks like a watercolor. I am experimenting with custom coloring glass since reading that some Tiffany glass mosaics had as many as 8000 custom colors.
I create a variety of types of images including seascapes, landscapes, floral still-life, Asia and spiritual subject matter and occasionally non-representational design. All are color filled but has a visual peace and quiet in keeping with the feeling I have as I work. I also treasure the spontaneous aspect of creation and allow characteristics and coloration of the glass to modify my original design.