Olga Barmazi


Location: Greece

Artist (painter, stage designer and jewelry designer). Live and work in Assos-Corinth, Greece. Graduated in Political Science of Faculty of Law (Kapodistrian National University of Athens). I have studied visual arts in privates schools in Athens. Besides my solo exhibitions in Greece, I have participated in more than 55 international juried exhibition in Europe, USA, Japan and Australia. I have also collaborated with artist Kate Papanikolaou in two persons exhibitions and other events.

My artwork are awarded in some international exhibitions, as:
• EXCELLENT ART PRIZE in “KURASHIKI 2001” international exhibition, Japan
• PRIZE OF UNIQUE ARTWORK in Richmont Memorial Library Gallery - Batavia Society of Artists, N.Y., USA, 2001.
• GLORY ARTIST PRIZE in "SEIKO-TEN" international exhibition, 2001, Japan
• ICARUS FREE FLIGHT AWARD, in exhibition "Icarus Roll, Pitch & Yaw", N. Carolina, USA. 2001.
• GUEST ARTIST PRIZE in "Zero-Kai" international exhibition, Osaka-Japan, 2002.
• GOVERNOR’S PRIZE in NAGOYA international exhibition, Japan, 2002.
• HYOGO PREFECTURE CULTURE ASSOCIATION PRIZE, in international exhibition Kobe 2003, Haradano-Mori Gallery of Kobe Prefecture Museum, Japan
• AL HILL AWARD in 48? annual international exhibition BOLD EXPRESSIONS, SACRAMENTO FINE ARTS CENTER, USA, 2003.
•FINE ART PRIZE in Kobe 2005 international exhibition, Haradano-Mori Gallery of Kobe Prefecture Museum, Japan


Flows and Fragments

To think and express myself via pictures is a part of my nature. Besides, the Beauty is essential for me, that ‘s why I always search for it around. For years I ‘m devoted to explore my relationship with painting.
After some experimental trials, my efforts drive me to the conclusion that we are “slaves” into the structure and function of human vision. We understand the world only as far as our nature permit it. In addition, the knowledge that there are much more beings in the world that we are not able to see them, or somehow feel them, drive me to find out a way to express my sense of lifetime by visual terms. To find out a visual “alphabet“ to “tell” the story.
From one hand, I realize that life consists from series of moments and “chance” events and “casual” meetings. All these are the Fragments. From the other hand, I feel, if as a truth, that in life there is a continuity without limits, without definition of beginning and end. This is the Flow. So the series of Flows and Fragments was created. I still search the ways to enrich this alphabet.

Flying Nest “Flying Nest”

oil on canvas, 60x60cm

Clepsydra “Clepsydra”

oil on canvas, 60x60cm

Phoenix “Phoenix”

oil and aluminium foil on canvas

Broken flows “Broken flows”

oil on canvas

Radiation “Radiation”

oil on canvas (four canvas 20x20cm each)

Hopes “Hopes”

oil on canvas