Dietmar Pickering

Dietmar Pickering

Location: Austria

born 21.02.1958

Commercial career school for painting, sign design and fresco

Education in Airbrush-design and layout, Art-design and Advertising graphics, (Phillip Castle, Private school in Santa Fe)

International publication of artwork Airbrush-Pen & Ink, Aquarell, Oil-Acrylic mixed techniques

Television appearances (ie: “Wetten dass…”)
Airbrush portrait presentation of artists like: Frank Elstner, Gianna Nannini, Rainhard Fendrich and Barbara Wussow

Airbrush body painting for different show appearances.

European Kodak Award winner in Arles – Frankreich
Black & White photo paint-overs
Opening of the “Weckende Emotionen” [Eng. Waking Emotions] picture series

International profiling as self-employed designer
References: Fischer Ski, Glasses design for Joop, Jil Sander & Paloma Picasso
Textile design, Auto design for Marke Burg Design,
Designed a “Breitling-watch” and different productions in cooperation with advertising agencies.

Creation of experimental art in Oil-Acrylic, presented in many exhibitions in Austria, Switzerland and France.

Entering the world of theater and working as scene painter at the Landestheater in Linz, the capital of Upper Austria.

After three years of preliminary work the international art project CAT PEOPLE "Figural Art" was realized.
During more than 400 shootings about 14,000 pictures were taken.
2006 the first CATPEOPLE calendar was published, followed by the CATPEopel calendar in 2008 and the large format CATPEOPLE calendar in 2009.

After decades of work on various art projects, in 2009 Dietmar Pickering took a creative break during which he got interested in several new topics.
Birth and death were both themes that made him reflect on ever-recurring questions like "Why am I the way I am? What is the meaning of my life and who decides what will happen?”
His non-scientific realization is that finally everybody carries his life in his hands and determines its course but there are influencing factors that assist us. These personal findings made Pickering dedicate his work to the topic "Angels" which resulted in this picture material "AGE OF ANGELS" on this site.

a new personal era of painting! After 30 years of various painting styles Pickering
discovered his preference for the colours blue, white and meral under the motto “Blue723“ in 2010.


"Dietmar PICKERING" collection "Blue723"

Inspired by the world

Lovers of abstract art repeatedly ask the following question:
„What really moves an artist, to paint the way he does?“

At some point during my 35 years of artistic activity and constant driven creative impulses,
an inexplicable energy arose in me to express a very unique and personal style of art.

„From the divine inspiration!“
From my deepest emotional depths coupled with divine inspiration a new series of paintings titled Blue723 arose.
The pictures speak for themselves and therefore carry no name but numbers.

The series of pictures Blue723 begin with the number „7“.
7 is the number of perfection, it is a natural, and odd positive number.
In the Middle Ages, the seven stood in the Christian symbolism of numbers for the grace of peace and tranquility,
composing of the number three (Trinity) and four (World, Four Elements, Four Directions).
The colors of the images have been inspired by the four elements.
The images emerged during a period which ran from 2010 to 2012.

Two images of Thirty, from the collection, Blue723
INFO: in Deusch

Inspiriert von allem dieser Welt, im ständig getriebenen Schaffensdranges,
entstand aus den tiefsten seelischen Abgründen die Bilderserie mit dem Titel „Blue723“.
Die großformatigen Bilder, beginnen mit der Anfangszahl "7".
Die 7, die Zahl der Vollkommenheit, die sich aus der Zahl Drei (Dreifaltigkeit) und der Vier (Vier Elemente) zusammensetzt.
Die Farben der Bilder worden von den vier Elementen inspiriert.

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