Susi Raphael

Artist Statement

My intent as an artist is to
With multi-textured, multi-layered
Paintings and photographs.

My hope is that viewers will bring
Their own sensibilities and experiences to my artwork
To make discoveries that resonate within them.

Thus, together, we create
A Collaborative Artistic Adventure.

Susi Raphael


My Introduction

As I travel through my world, images, shapes, colors, textures inspire me to create "layered" photographs and paintings.
Artwork which is multi-dimensional -- tactile and filled with "hidden parts" that draw the viewer in.
These are some of my latest paintings and some photographs from past travels.
I hope you enjoy them and would like very much to hear your comments.

Susi Raphael

On the Road “On the Road”

Mixed Media

Italy's Dirty Laundry “Italy's Dirty Laundry”

This was inspired by a photo of laundry hanging outside the window
of the apartment I shared with a friend in Venice.

Mixed media 30x30

Criss Cross Chaos “Criss Cross Chaos”

Mixed media
18 x 24

Blues in the Night “Blues in the Night”

The New Orleans blues scene.

11 x 14

Ole, Flamenco “Ole, Flamenco”

Taken in Spain at a dance concert.

11 x 14

Through the Looking Glass “Through the Looking Glass”

Taken on a barge trip through France.

8 x 10

A Chat in the Sun “A Chat in the Sun”

A photograph from my series, "Chairs", where I photographed chairs in "personal" situations.