Danielle Lauzon

Danielle lauzon

Location: Canada

Danielle Lauzon’s painting weaves in and out of abstraction without ever letting representation or the lack thereof fully take hold. Here and there are clear-cut suggestions; elsewhere the approach is rather more subtle. The artist works around a predefined form or else fully improvises from colors and forms that take shape on paper and enter into dialogue. She nearly always finishes her works by drawing lines in pastel which reinforce the suggestion of form or, on the contrary, by introducing elements that cast doubt on any would-be unequivocal interpretation. Danielle enjoys working with ambiguity.

Her colors float, as if weightless, in pictorial space. The present moment, at its shortest, is set down on paper and time stops indeed while Danielle paints. Time, which swirls around us at an ever faster pace, comes to rest in the artist’s studio, stops at last to give her a moment to live in and to let you see the outcome.

Danielle Lauzon is a self-taught painter who lives and works in Montréal, Canada.