Carina Imbrogno

I’m a self taught disabled award winning artist and illustrator and now an inspirational artist who has defeated death many times. I was born with a rare genetic disorder called Elhers Danlos Syndrome which caused my spine to collapse twice and many other complications. I wasn’t diagnosed with this genetic disorder until 2015. I’m truly a walking miracle. I have 26 screws and two rod’s holding my spine. I also have severe learning disabilities and memory problems.
I began my art in 2015 at the age of 40 after a near death experience. I began creating realistic drawings and paintings. I found that I can work in many mediums but my medium of choice. I discovered pastels in 2019. I’ve created over 85 pastels and over 140 drawings and paintings since 2015. I enjoy drawing and painting in a photorealistic style using photographs.

I enjoy depicting people, children, pets, wildlife, landscapes, nature, still lives and botanicals. My inability to ever have children of my own draws me to depict them. I enjoy depicting the beauty of nature and everything in it. I don’t enjoy depicting all the trauma I went through. I view my art as incredible form of therapy that helps handle my disabilities a lot better.

I began exhibiting my art work in local gallery in 2017 and in September on 2021 I began exhibiting my art online. My work has been accepted in over 200 exhibits and I have received over 170 awards. I became one of the winners of the Everylife Rare disease art show in Capitol Hill Washington DC. I’m very fortunate to have discovered my passion. All this recognition has made me want to work even harder and it inspires me to continue sharing my miraculous story with the world. You can read my full inspirational story at


Fiore di Primavera

Flowers inspired by Dutch masters.