Yuriko Hirose

Yuriko Hirose, Artist statement
Ki-energy with Big Fusion Art Centering on Asia

I was born in Tokyo, Japan. When I was a child, my family lived in various regions of Japan due to my father being transferred for work. Thus, I experienced various cultures, since one region appeared more western, while another region was more traditionally Asian. This mix of Western and Eastern cultures intermingled together in my mind as I grew up. When I became an artist I held many solo and group exhibitions and made commission works in Japan. After that I stated to make art works in Los Angeles, but I had mixed feelings when I received my permanent residence in the USA, because my lawyer told me this good news on September, 11,2001.

I held solo and group exhibitions in New York and New Jersey, where being immersed in western culture made me rethink my identity again and again. After I returned to Japan I started to make art works using Japanese and other Asian and world patterns, form and colors. My message is an expression of the exchange of between everything western and non- western.

A unique culture has formed in Asia from taking in Western culture.
Until now, my art works have been an expression with ki-Energy (spiritual- energy) as the theme. It is a turning of the Asian’s mind to the world, which is common to Westerners. I want to fuse this Ki-energy theme and develop big exchange with art centering on Asia.

Yuriko Hirose

Selected Exhibitions

2012- Online Gallery - Art for Collectors
2012 I overcame care of mother and a disease of my own and started activity again.
2007- 2010 Open studio in Shizuoka, JAPAN
2006 Art Basel Miami ( NY ART Magazine ) (Florida, USA)
2005 Online Exhibition
ART NOW http://www.artoteque.com
World of Art Award
2004 Park Performing Center, Group Exhibition = Painting (New Jersey, USA)
2003 Lafayette Grill and Bar, Solo Exhibition = Painting (New York, USA)
2002- 2003 Marmar-Manhattan Gallery, Solo Exhibition =Sculpture, Painting (New York, USA)
1999 RTKL Associate Inc,Gallery,Solo Exhibition =Sculpture, Painting (California, USA)
1997 Ross Watkins Gallery, Solo Exhibition =Sculpture, Painting (California, USA)
1996 Laguna Beach festival of Art ,Entrance=Sculpture (California, USA)
1995 FACT Contemporary Exhibition Space,Solo exhibition =Sculpture (California, USA)
1994 Gallery CK,Solo Exhibition = Painting (Tokyo, Japan?
1993 Takashimaya Contemporary Art Space, Solo Exhibition = Sculpture, Painting (Tokyo, Japan)
1992 Gallery Asakurosu, Solo Exhibition = Painting (Tokyo, Japan)
1991 Fukuoka Bay Side Place = Out door sculpture (Fukuoka, Japan)
1989 Fukushima Museum?Group Exhibition = Sculpture (Fukushima, Japan)
1987 SEIBU Gallery Space?Solo Exhibition (Aichi, Japan
1987 Studio Ebis, Solo Exhibition = Sculpture (Tokyo, Japan)
1985 NEWS Gallery, Solo Exhibition = Painting, Relief (Tokyo, Japan)
1985 AXIS Gallery, Group Exhibition = Painting, Sculpture (Tokyo, Japan)
Selected Commissions
2003 Miyakonojou city?Public Space = Out door sculpture (Miyazaki, Japan)
2001 ANA Air Line,Fukuoka Air port?Painting
(Fukuoka, Japan) 1998 Kappa Novels = Book Cover(Tokyo, Japan)
1998- 2001 Restauranrt CASA Art works, Painting, Relief ?13 shops?
?Sapporo, Chiba, Tokyo, Otsu, Osaka, Takatsuki and other cities in Japan?
1996 Kannamicho Welfare Center= Sculpture (Shizuoka, Japan?
1995 Toho School, Izumi School house = Out door sculpture (Tokyo, Japan)
1985- 2004 SEIBU depertment Art works =Painting,Sculpture
?Sendai, Tokyo, Kawasaki, Shizuoka,Takatsuki and other cities in Japan)
Awards and Prizes
2007 Public Art for Beijing Olympics = City sculpture Proposals "Award of Merit" (China)
2005 "Prize of Excellence" ART NOW (UK)
2003 "PRINT" Regional Annual (USA)
1988 SEIBU,SEED ”Time and Space”DDA Prize (Japan)
1987 SEIBU,SEED "1st Anniversary" DDA Prize (Japan)
1985 YurakuchoSEIBU, DDA Prize, ADC Prize (Japan)


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