Jude Kitts

Born in 1952, Jude’s artistic journey began at an early age in Northern Illinois. Both of her parents were very creative, her father having a Masters Degree in Fine Art, and her mother an accomplished folk art painter. They always encouraged their children not to be afraid to try new ideas, or experiment with the art materials of all kinds that were readily available in their home.

In the late 60’s Jude was introduced to metalsmithing and jewelry design, which was her primary pursuit for the next dozen years: the designing, casting, and fabricating of gold and silver resulted in works of art where form and function worked in harmony. After moving to Alaska in 1979, gold nuggets found while mining in the wilderness area near the rural community of Chicken, Alaska were a unique addition to her creations.
During the long Alaskan winter of 1981, Jude began working in a stained glass studio and was immediately intrigued by this new medium. The challenge to create unique designs workable in glass was irresistible, and the results breath taking. Within a few years Jude had her own glass art studio, and was teaching stained glass for the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. Her works evolved with the incorporation of sandblasting, fusing, slumping, casting, and glass painting techniques. Over the years Jude’s wandering soul and pursuit of artistic expression has kept her on the move from Alaska to New Mexico and many locations in between.
Her move back to Illinois in 2006 to pursue her art education resulted with a renewed passion for painting and an abundant outpouring of work over the recent years. Now, back in New Mexico, Jude is always searching for new and exciting ways to express herself and only time will tell where it leads her next.....



Artist Statement
“There is an unspoken, universal language with which all humans communicate. We react emotionally to certain images with fear, joy, humor, even revulsion. That image does not necessarily need to be a recognizable object in order to speak this language. Even concepts conveyed abstractly can send a strong message and evoke powerful reactions.

With my artwork, I am attempting to present my individual perceptions of the world around me along with my emotional reactions to that world. My desire then, is that it will strike a cord in someone else and we experience that unspoken communication.

Although a large part of who I am is rooted in my connection with and love of nature, my work reflects the environment in which I am immersed at the time of it’s creation while still being influenced by the beliefs, memories, and the experiences of my life thus far.”

BP's Folly “BP's Folly”

47" X 77" acrylic on canvas

Eclipse “Eclipse”

42" X 30" acrylic on canvas

Next Stop - The Twilight Zone “Next Stop - The Twilight Zone”

42" X 36" acrylic on canvas

Feng Shui “Feng Shui”

54" X 50" acrylic on canvas

Flying by the Seat of My Pants “Flying by the Seat of My Pants”

20" X 60" acrylic on canvas