Zivi Aviraz

Zivi Aviraz was born and raised in Israel. She arrived in the United States when she was sent as a temporary emissary to the Jewish Community Center in Pittsburgh. What was intended to be a three-year commitment was extended for a lifetime when she met her husband, and subsequently settled and raised a family here. 
Throughout this time Aviraz has worked to develop her skills as an artist, studying under the tutelage of her teachers and experimenting with mixed media, including watercolors, pastel, and acrylic. Her artwork displays her willingness to explore new media, subjects, and techniques; she uses found and recycled materials to create her work, which often depicts figures, flowers, cityscapes and abstractions. The artist has shown her paintings in galleries, offices, and schools throughout Pittsburgh, New York City, and South Florida, and has participated in both group and solo shows.
Currently, Aviraz is an active member of the Pittsburgh Society of Artists (PSA) and of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh (AAP).  The award-winning artist sells her artwork at Agora Gallery NY, East Side Gallery, the AAP Store and Gallery, and through her website,www.ziviart.com.
?Commentary on work:
Color and texture are central to my work, whether depicting a subject or working on an abstract painting. My aim is for viewers to be able enter into the depths of these works with their imaginations.
For these pieces, I began by focusing on color first. I let their boldness set the direction for the work, which then took the shape of images. In these paintings, I found my figures to symbolize the cycle of life. I then outlined each figure depicts a different stage in life.