Arnold Mcdowell

A Self-Taught " Freelance Artist " born 1948. Oil Paintings, Water Colors, Pastels, and more. " Specialize in Unique and Unforgettable Original Art Paintings from All Around The World; His art work is crafted masterpieces and many belong to private and public collections in countries around the world.He is an awarded Artist. With some 52,734 works of Art,Original Painting's, Sketch's,Drawing's,Song's and Yelp's. Portraits,Figures, Landscapes,Cityscapes, Castle Art, Imressiouist Art, Space Art, Abstract Art, Modern Art, Stil-Life Art, Ocean Art, Mystery Art, Cherokee Art, Appalachain Art, Triute Art, Archaeologist Art, Christmas Art, Bible Art, and lots more. It all came to Him at the age of ten when his 3rd grade School Teacher handed him an "Old Book " with a artist painting a landscape in Paris. He said this is The World I wanted to enter, A World of Art.Thanks to Her; He has become an Artist like the Man in that worn and fragile Old Book that was gentiy handed to Him across A Library Table so many years ago, How did She know?.This wonderful Lady could She have also been an " Angel "?. " Wide World of Hidden Angel Art ". by Artist Arnold McDowell June 8 2012.


Laying in a Manger

" Mary A Virgin was blessed with the " Holy Spirit " and brougth forth a son and called his name ' Jesus ". Then Mary and Joseph wrapped the baby in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a manger within a small stable. Located Near " Bethleham of Judaea ". .... Original Oil Painting 36 " x 48 " on canvas for sale price $12,500.000.00 for more info; and ? .... e mail " Look for my Hidden Angels ".

  The Last Black Bear “ The Last Black Bear ”

He stands tall on Top of The Appalachain Mountains. He is all alone; all the others are gone. Time has taken its toll and he is very old. He is the last of his kind. The only thing left when he is gone is the smell in the air.,,,, As You look at The Painting; Can You see where The Artist has Placed Him ? .,,,, On the forehead of " Jesus " to smell The Blood of Christ; from The Penetrating Thorns; Which will be No More.,,,,Original Oil Painting 36 " x 48 " for Sale $ 4,800.000.00 for more info; and ? e mail ' Look for my Hidden Angels "