Dominique Alexandra Brunzlik

Dominique Alexandra Brunzlik

Location: Germany

Dominique Brunzlik - a German artist of Czech, Bohemian, Friesian and Indian descent was 1963 born in Munich as daughter of a photographer. She began making art as a child and used various forms for her expression. During her studies she concentrated on different techniques of figurative and abstract painting. She also has been photographing since her youth, influenced by her father. Her childhood in an unconventionally family and different worlds had a strong impact on her art. With a restless mind she is permanently searching for new facet of and deeper insights into life, which is also echoed in her images. With her art project “Paradiso Figurale” she presented her artwork in 2010 with success to a wider international public. 2011 i.e. she received the first prize for her Mixed-Media-Artwork "Touching" and several "Honorable Mentions" for further artworks from MOCA in New York (Museum of Computer Art). Currently she lives and works in Leipzig


Paradiso Figurale by Dominique Alexandra Brunzlik

Paradiso Figurale is the art project of Dominique Alexandra Brunzlik, initiated 2010. Within this international art project the artist presents mixed media artworks, based on photography, analog and digital painting, computer art, installation, laser-light-painting, collage etc.

The inspiration for this art project originates from the simple truth: Nothing is permanent except change

And there is definitely no stereo-type for the art of D. A. Brunzlik...

Dictator (2011 by D. A. Brunzlik) “Dictator (2011 by D. A. Brunzlik)”

Original realized as pigment print on Baryt paper, first exhibited during gallery weekend in Berlin 2011 and currently given to Winkow & Brockstedt, Leipzig.