Angela J Malone

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Angela graduated in 2010 from UCA Canterbury. She has since gone on to exhibit in France, Germany and Austria and all over the UK including the British Museum. She won the Niagara Falls Prize and also a Fattorini Award for her sculptural work. Her paintings have been in publications worldwide and her work is held in a Public Collection in Germany. Angela teaches, demonstrates and works in Kent, close to the sea, where she loves to live. She exhibits regularly in both solo and group shows.


Works in various media

Angela works in a wide variety of different media and this selection reflects some of her range. She begins with drawing, maybe move it on to create a watercolour or print or may transform the image into a sculpture, which can be carved from stone or built from ceramic. Variety is key to her practice but it is always firmly based in the portraiture genre and upon careful observation of life in all its forms. Over recent years she has also undertaken several murals and restoration of an Edwardian facade.

Ten little Angels “Ten little Angels”

Based on a recent Nativity play, I created a set of 10 wiggly, fidgetty little angels.

November Zinnias “November Zinnias”

This small still life is one of many watercolours of flowers, each available in print and as cards. They are all painted from life and primarily chosen to reflect different colour palettes. It stands about A4 size and, as with all my work, is painted using top quality artists materials, onto cotton rag paper.

Homage to Gilbert “Homage to Gilbert”

This highly carved piece of stone is one that has been removed out of Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, during ongoing restorations. It's made from Lepine and so is quite white with millions of tiny flecks of grey fossil matter contained within it. I never use power tools on my stone carvings out of a sense of tradition and so this represents months of painstaking hand tooling.