Eun Kwang Light Park

Educational Background

• March 2000 ~ Aug 2006 Photography Dept, College of Art, Sangmyung University
• Current Photography & Related Media, Parsons The New School for Design MFA New York (2012, Aug)


* 2012 Solo ‘Beyond The Light’ bcs Gallery, LIC New York
* 2012 Korean Art Show, Special Exhibition, Soho, New York
* 2011 Solo ‘Like an Afterimage’ Gallery LUX, Seoul, Korea
* 2011 Solo ‘Like an Afterimage’ TOYOTA Art Space, Busan, Korea
* 2011 Solo ‘Like an Afterimage’ Gallery Tin, Seoul, Korea

* 2012 Photovilile Photo Festival, Brooklyn, New York(forthcoming)
* 2012 Two Person ‘Trace of Spirit’, Gallery Avenue, Seoul Korea(forthcoming)
* 2012 Group ‘Grow’ Midwest Center for Photography, Kansas, United States
* 2012 Group ‘Parts and Labor II’, Manhattan, New York
* 2012 Group ‘Parts and Labor’, Atrium Gallery, Philadelphia, United States
* 2011 Group SIGHT=SITE, Motive Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
* 2010 Group Three Gallery, Manhattan, New York


2012 Artist Residency Program in New York (ARPNY)


• 2012 Photoview Monthly Magazine, Korea - 4pages
• 2012 DenW Jan-Feb, Theme Gallery, 'I Wish for...'
• 2011 Photographic Art Magazine Korea – Main Cover Image
• 2011 Photographic Art Magazine Korea – 4 Pages
• 2011 Ground Magazine #10, Netherlands
• 2009 Photographic Art Magazine Korea – 6pages


• Open Call Emerging Artist, Gallery Avenue, Seoul Korea
• Group Exhibition ‘Grow’,Kansas, United States
• Korean Art Show 2012 Special Exhibition Competition
• Gallery LUX, Emerging Artist 2011
• Korea Advertising Photograph Competition 2006


Like an Afterimage

Like an Afterimage

Many people who have creative perception ability love to think invisible thing that is out of their sight, and believed the power of the invisible. Yet the question 'how the invisible affect our perception, and what does it mean?' is remained as a permanent assignment for human to solve.

To me, New York was a foundation of my life; it gave me a lot of images into my heart. Its name is so famous that the City captured my heart with a single look with many visual implements before I settled down there, after all step in.

But I want to step out of pre-occupied images; it was my burden to live with art. So I walked through the rain with many thoughts, and began to see hidden things behind the City, where seems to be nothing in this world.

Pinhole gave me a new sight to represent hidden things disclose, Polaroid presented it pure & unique value.