Belinda Mason

Belinda Mason

Location: Australia

Belinda Mason
Photographic Artist

Belinda Mason is a Sydney-based photographer who worked as a News Ltd Press photographer, before becoming a freelance. Since 1998 Belinda's work has focused on taboo social issues that explore the very personal and sometimes difficult subjects of grief, body image, identity and family. With the assistance of Accessible Arts and Visions of Australia, her work about sexuality & disability “Intimate Encounters” toured Australia extensively for seven years. This exhibition continues to tour internationally and has been shown in London, Barcelona, Seville, New York , Toronto and Auckland.

Belinda is the 2008 winner of the richest photography prize in Australia, The Moran Prize with her image entitled “Four Generations”. Also in 2008, Belinda was awarded “most emotionally intense image” at the CCP 2008 Kodak Salon for an image from the “Beyond the Burn” series. This same image of surviour won the Perth 2008 PCP Iris Award. She has also been part of exhibitions such as, Head On, Josephine Ulrick (Highly Commended 2002) , Olive Cotton Awards, and the Alice Prize.

Images from her “Yolgnu on Balanda” series won her the 2008 Human Rights Award for Photography. This series documents the remarkable and insightful voices of Indigenous Australian’s and their opions of white culture. This work has already been shown in Barcelona Spain, the PCP and the Albury City Gallery. In 2013, the images will be shown at the State Library of NSW.

The series “Manigrida” also won the BHP Images of the Outback award for 2003 and 2004 and 3rd Place in the International Spider Awards for Photojournalim in 2008. The Maningrida series is part of the ACMP Collection 10, and one of the images has been exhibited at the NSW Art Gallery as part of the Shoot The Chef exhibition. The work is on permanet display at the Chidrens Hospital in Randwick as part of the Cultural Gfts Program.

Belinda’s series “Only a Man” which examines the role of men as society’s disposable commodity. This exhibition is a forum for men who rarely feel able to freely express their vulnerability and emotional needs, and are dis-empowered by societal expectations. “Becoming Woman” is a project following the journey of Paula Kaye, who has chosen to challenge stereotypes and popular misconceptions of the transsexual woman. Belinda’s award winning project entitled "Beyond the Burn” examines the emotional complexities of burn survivors. Her image of Father Peter Kennedy “The last Supper”, was featured in the 2009 Blake Prize for Religious Art, and was included in the national tour.

Belinda is currently working in the area of 3D lenticulars. Her first series is of Australian Photographers and is a testament to those photographers who have had an impact on Australian Documentary Photography. Participants to date include, Stephen Dupont, Tamara Dean, Tim Page, Merv Bishop, Claire Martin, William Yang, Robert McFarlane, Tony Mott , David Dare and Nigel Brennan.
Casual Powerhouse has commissioned a series of 3D lenticlars allowing Belinda to explore the concept of Women in Sport. Participants include a Chillean refugee who is a RollerDerby Queen, A human Rights lawyer who was crowned Miss Naked Pole Dancer in 2011. An Aboriginal woman who is the Long board surfing Champion. Paralympic basketball player, who is short statured, Muslim women who represents NSW in AFL, Chinese Australian snowboarder and 102 year old athlete who still competes. This work will be shown in Feb 2013
Belinda Mason has been a speaker at the Melbourne Festival of Arts 2002 , the International Festival of Photography in Sydney 2004, Australian Centre of Photography 2007 and the Blowfish AIPP Conference Sydney 2010.

“We cannot argue when someone says," i feel", - it is not our right. It is part of our own journey to learn empathy rather than compassion. Our own reaction, exposes us to ourselves, and our ability to listen when someone lays their naked soul in our path." - Belinda Mason 2001


2012 Spider B&W International Photo Awards nominee “Funeral Ceremony” “Aurukun Boys”
2010 Spider B&W International Photo Awards nominee Nude “Pluck”
2009 Internatioal Colour Awards – Nominee People, “ramesh, Bob After & Before”
2008 Australian Human Rights Comission Photography Award – “Intervention” (winner)
2008 Moran Photographic Prize – “Four Generations”
2008 PCP Iris Award – “Ramesh”, Burn Surviour (winner)
2008 Spider B&W International Photo Awards 3rd Photojournolism - “Teacher”
2008 International Aperture Awards – 2nd Place Photojournalism – “Ramesh”
2008 Lucie International Photo Awards Honourable Mention, Fine art – “4Generations”
2008 CCP Kodak Salon Award “Most Emotionally Intense Image” – “Ramesh” (winner)
2008 AIPP Canon Awards, 2 Silver Distinction – Science Environment & Nature
2007 Mosman Photographic Prize - Winner– “Rebirth”
2007 Masters Cup International Colour Awards, Honorary Colour Master – “Two Weeks”
2004 BHP Images of the Outback - Winner - “Charlie & Jonno”, “Chef”, “Charlie”
2004 AIPP Canon Awards, two silver in Photo Illustration
2003 NewCastle Maritime Award for Photography – “plunge” (winner)
2003 BHP Images of the Outback - Winner – “Maningrida School”
2003 Fuji ACMP Collection 10
2002 Joshephine Urlich Photographic Prize, Highly Commended – “Disposable Man”


2013 Casula Powerhouse – “Women In Sport”
2013 State Library of NSW – “Yolngu on Balanda”

2012 Moran Photography Prize “Aurukun Boys” plus slide show “Tamara” & “I shall not hate”
2012 Josephine Urlich & Win Schubert Photography Prize “ Born again Chinese”
2012 Albury Library Museum Wiradjuri Talkback
2012 Galeria Zero Basel Switzerland – 3D lenticulars “Faith” “Golden Girl”
2012 BHP Images of the Outback “ Aurukun Boys” “Funeral”
2012 MPRAG – Controversy – The Power of Art - “The last Supper”

2011 Moran Photography Prize – slide show “ Alby & Karen”
2011 Head On Slide Show + workshop for children
2011 Albury City Gallery “Yolgnu on Balanda” Belinda & Djammarr

2010 GaleriaZero Barcelona "Yolngu on Balanda" Belinda & Djarramarr -May
2010 Head On ACP Sydney, slide Show May
2010 BHP Images of The Outback Exhibition Winton QLD (group)
2010 Kingston Art Centre, Victoria "Only a Man" solo 4-22 June
2010 PCP, WA "Yolngu on Balanda" Belinda & Djarramarr 1-25 July
2010 Intimate Encounters Toronto Arts Ability Festival Canada

2009 Mosman Festival Photo Exhibition, Sydney "Japanese Tourist" - group
2009 Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne "Yolngu on Balanda" - group
2009 Blake Prize for Religious Art "The Last Supper" - National Tour - group
2009 Iris Awards PCP WA - "Yolngu on Balanda" - group
2009 Funartspace Beijing China – Visual echos- GaleriaZero
2009 Cancer Council Arts Award “hope” Touring exhibition
2009 Heritage Photography Awards USQ Art Gallery Brisbane
2009 Grafton Regional Gallery – “Only a Man”
2009 Grafton Regional GalleryPost Card Show
2009 HEAD ON Sydney ACP slide show – “albino”
2008 Moran Photography Prize “4G” Mitchell Library, Sydney - Winner
2008 Community Arts Centre Whangarei New Zealand, IE
2008 Kodak Salon Melbourne CCP
2008 National Works on Paper, MPRG, Victoria – 4G
2008 Head On 2008 Slide Show ACP, Sydney . “two weeks”
2008 Heritage Photographic Awards USQ Arts Gallery
2008 International Colour Awards , Masters Cup London
2008 Olive Cotton Awards 2008 Tweed River Art Gallery “Crash”
2008 Xhibit 9 Sandy Edwards Danks Street, Sydney
2008 Canon AIPP Awards Brisbane, silver distinction
2008 Corangamarah Art Prize “Ramesh”, Victoria
2008 PCP Iris Awards “Ramesh”, Perth ( winner)
2008 Creative Madness “Invisible Scars”, Sydney

2007 Intimate Encounters Toronto
2007 Holten Lee Gallery England United Kingdom “Intimate Encounters”
2007 High Beam Festival Adelaide Australia “Sexuality & Disability”
2007 Abilities Arts Festival Toronto Canada
2007 Museum of Sex New York “Sexuality and Disability”
2007 Olive Cotton Award 2007 Tweed River Art Gallery – “Denis”
2007 Art Corangamarah Prize Con.ciet “invisible burns”
2007 Mosman Art Gallery Art Prize – Rebirth - Winner
2007 Roving eye – Documentary Photography “Maningrida”
2007 Galeriazero Cork Street Gallery London “Friend or Foe”
2007 PCP Perth IRIS Awards “Two Weeks”
2007 Sydney Childrens Hospital “Maningrida”, Sydney
2007 “Girl Parade” Australian Centre of Photography, Sydney
2007 St George Regional Museum, NSW
2007 Lismore Regional Art Gallery, NSW

2006 McGregor Prize for Photography, Uni Queensland - Deke
2006 Josephine Ulrick Nat Photo Exhibit Tweed River Gallery “Pommie”
2006 Head On Sydney Aust Photographers Gallery – “After and Before”
2006 Casula Powerhouse Sydney – “Becoming Woman”
2006 Chrissie Cotter Gallery Sydney – “Maningrida”
2006 Seymour Centre Sydney, “Only a Man”
2006 Brunswick Street Gallery – The Body Show (group)
2006 Mars Gallery Melbourne – NUDE ( group)
2006 Mosman Art Gallery Art Prize – (group) Deke
2006 Creative Madness – Sydney Australia (group)
2006 Galeriazero - Barcelona Spain “Intimate Encounters”
2006 La Trobe University, Melbourne “Intimate Encounters”
2006 Brunswick Street Gallery – Auction (group)
2006 Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, IE

2005 Cairns Regional Gallery, QLD IE
2005 Albury Regional Art Gallery, NSW IE
2005 Grafton Regional Art Gallery, NSW IE
2005 Melbourne VIC Chapel on Chapel IE
2005 Tweed River Art Gallery, NSW IE
2005 Michael Nagy Gallery . Head On, Sydney “Peace Maker”
2005 BHP Images of The Outback Exhibition Winton QLD (group)
2005 Creative Madness – Sydney Australia (group)
2005 Galeriazero - Barcelona Spain (group)

2004 BHP Images of The Outback Exhibition Winton QLD (group)
2004 USQ McGregor Prize for Photography
2004 Art for Labour – Michael Nagy Gallery Sydney
2004 Fuji ACMP Photographer’s Collection – NSW Parliament House
2004 Fuji ACMP Photographer’s Collection – Gallery 101 Melbourne
2004 Tap Gallery Paddington Sydney – Environmental Art Exhibition
2004 Shoot the Chef – Art Gallery of NSW (group) – Maningrida Chef
2004 BHP Images of The Outback Exhibition Winton QLD (group)
2004 Perth Institute for Contemporary Art Photo Media Award
2004 Gallery Xposure solo exhibition ‘Becoming Woman’ Sydney
2004 Hera Gallery – Girl Art Now – Rhode Island USA
2004 The Araluen Centre for the Arts – Alice Prize Alice Springs
2004 Gallery Xposure - ‘Exposure One’ (group) Sydney Australia
2004 Michael Nagy Gallery . Head On, Sydney Australia
2004 Fraser Gallery Washington International Bethesda,USA
2004 National Maritime Festival Newcastle Australia
2004 Cowra Festival Australia
2004 Roxby Downs Future Art South Australia
2004 Ballarat Grainery Lane Theatre VIC IE
2004 Charles Darwin University, Alice Sprints, NT IE
2004 June Tapp Art Space, Katherine, NT IE
2004 Darwin, Venue TBC, NT IE
2004 Caloundra Cultural Centre, QLD
2004 Geraldton Regional Art Gallery, WA IE
2004 Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, WA IE
2004 Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery, NSW

2003 Nikon Summer Salon CCP Melbourne Australia
2003 Waterloo Gallery, Refocus International exhibition London ,UK
2003 Energex Arbour Nat. Contemporary Photo Exhibit Brisbane
2003 Josephine Ulrick - National Photo Exhibition Tweed River
2003 BHP Images of The Outback Exhibition Winton QLD(group)
2003 Mt Alexander Rural Access Castlemaine VIC IE
2003 Kingston Arts Centre Moorabbin VIC IE
2003 Upper Yarra Arts Centre Warburton VIC IE
2003 Arts Network East Gippsland Bairnsdale VIC IE
2003 Horsham Vic IE
2003 Brisbane Powerhouse QLD Watashabi Festival
2003 Colac Otway Arts & Cultural Centre IE
2003 CEMA Arts Centre Portland IE
2003 Swan Hill Arts Centre IE
2002 Nikon Summer Salon CCP Melbourne (group)
2002 Willoughby Art Prize Sydney ( Group)
2002 Goya Gallery Southbank, Melbourne VIC IE
2002 High Beam Festival, Adelaide SA
2002 Diorama Gallery, London UK
2002 Cultural Program of the Sydney 2002 Gay Games IE
2002 Warnambool City Gallery VIC IE
2002 Josephine Ulrick - National Photography Exhibition Tweed River
2001 Soho Gallery, Sydney NSW
2001 Entrepot Gallery University of TAS Hobart
2001 Josephine Ulrick - National Photo Exhibition Tweed River Gallery
2001 Celebrating Democracy - Australian National Museum Canberra
1997 Australian Composers - (group) Museum of Contemporary Art
1990 South Australian Photographers - (group) Festival Centre Adelaide
1989 Rothmans Press Awards - (group) Australian Tour
1985 Plains People - stories from indigenous South Australians.


“This body of work is one of the most emotive projects I have seen for years. It stimulates both creative and social thought and is an inspiration to all. I am sure this will be an important piece of Australian social history and will spark discussion over many years”
Kevin Cooper - National Sales Manager, Fujifilm Australia

“The power of this exhibition is in the way in which it challenges and confronts the viewers expectations of disability while simultaneously allowing the richness of the participants lives to shine through. I believe that audiences will respond not only to the discussions and dialogue that the exhibition allows, but also to the sheer beauty of the exhibition and the wide range of images”
Kiersten Fishburn, Audience Development Accessible Arts

“This support was provided based on the high quality of Belinda’s work and her passion to create awareness and understanding through her photographic images of important issues which are largely neglected by our society. Lorelle Clements, Manager Philanthropic Foundations - Perpetual Trustee

“Belinda Mason has a history of pushing the limits of imaginative social documentary photography. I know of no other photographer who has so consciously pursued difficult unfashionable subjects such as the sexuality of the disabled – a body of work that seems destined for prominence.” Rob McFarlane, Art Critic - Sydney Morning Herald.


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