Falgon Elodie


Location: France

Elodie Falgon, studied art at the “Ecole des Bons Enfants” at LE LOUVRE in Paris where she graduated as an interior architect. She first worked as an interpreter at CHANEL, the famous Haute-Couture house in Paris where she also sketched models during high-fashion shows. She now recycles old and contemporary materials in order to create a link between past and present, mixing silks, crystal, glass, metal, antique fabrics, stainless steel, old pieces of embroidery from various origins, natural stones and so on……..
Her main themes are poetry, tenderness, love, dream and a recurrent – and indeed almost obsessive representation of the Earth, the Blue Planet, Gaïa, Goddess of Nature, Life and Humanity. You will often see blue cats in her works, all cats are blue as everyone knows !…. together with winged-men flying away from the Earth, a poetic vision of Death, a Chagallian world but also influenced by Matisse, Modigliani, Klimt and many others…..


The Bunch of Women Flowers

Detail - Original creation realized with 1900s jet stones, copper gems and wild silk - 1m54 x 1m19
Poetic vibrant tribute to all persecuted women all around the World

Gaïa The Red-Headed

Original creation realized with an antique crystal chandelier and 19th century asiatic embroideries - 0m85 x 0m83
Poetic vision of Gaïa the Nature with her magic red hairs widespread in the Universe

The Tree of Life

Original creation realized with an antique candlestick, leather belts, copper and metal stones, antique afghan jewels and metal fabrics.. ..0m87 x 1m45
Poetic represention of the Tree of Life and the Trilogy

Empire State Flower at the Carrousel du Louvre 2015

Original creation realized with an Empire States Building Nespresso capsule holder, bronze parts, metallic flowers, a stainless steel mobile phone case and 1900s antique fabrics....1m00 x 1m20
Tribute to the terrible tragedy of the Twin Towers of New York. A modern metal bunch of flowers......