Location: Italy

Andrea Bazzechi was born in Florence where he lives and works as a painter and photographer.
In 1975 he started his professional activity as an art and architetcture photographer, working alongside renowed artists and critics.
He also undertakes many different experiences in the audiovisual comunication field culmineted in the pubblication of books and the direction of art documentaries
But it is basically through nature and colour charm that at the biginnig of the nineties through a compelling wish to experiment by himself his own chromatic sensibility burst out.
Free from any academical formula or from any kind of pretext of conceptualism his immagination seems to be the only vehicle through which he experiments and expresses his own creativity, using
photoghraphy as well as painting.


C.U.T. (color unique thread)

Last two years have seen me mostly working at a project I call C.U.T. (Color unique thread).
In fact, I have focused my attention on the ability to communicate emotionally through the dynamic force generated by chromatic interactions.
In this context, I have developed my work trying to draw from both my experience as a photographer as well as the one purchased later in the field of painting with acrylics.
So the instrument whereby to proceed can be a photographic image, with or without computer elaboration, or an acrylic painting . The series of image presented in this portfolio are acrylics on M.D. panels, but the interaction with photography is still present because often the basic patterns of the painting are taken from a previous photo processing.
So the acronym C.U.T. points out my intention to find a common denominator distinguishing these works and the thread, for me, can be found only in the search for chromatic harmony or color appeal as the ultimate experience in the expression of personal creativity.

abar 5933 “abar 5933”

Mixed media on M.D. board cm. 64x75h.

ABAR 5943 “ABAR 5943”

Mixed media on M.D. board cm. 65x75h.

ABAR 7099 “ABAR 7099”

Mixed media on M.D. board cm. 64x75h.

ABAR 7097 “ABAR 7097”


Black & White only

Mixed media on wooden board cm. 70x100h.

ABAR 5314 “ABAR 5314”

Mixed media on M.D. board cm. 170x107h.

ABAR 5429 “ABAR 5429”

Mixed media on M.D. board cm. 42x51h: