Natacha Kadhija

Natacha Kadhija

Location: Brazil

1999- …Autodidact (Painting);
2005 -…Free courses of Philosophy;
2006 - Free courses of sculpture;
2007 – College - Industrial Design

I am a selftaught artist. I started to paint in my childhood and with 13 years old I made my first official work, with Unicef, that were illustrations about Human Rights, that were published later. After that, I continued to paint and decided to make exhibitions and free courses related to this field. My first exhibition was in 2002, with 16 years old. And I never stopped since this time.

A summary of my Curriculum

Solo Exhibitions
2002 "Natacha Kadhija"- 215 North, Plano Piloto - Brasília-DF (Brazil).
2003 "The Transition of the Art and of the Human Being- My vision, now"- Art Gallery of Pátio Brasil
Shopping-Brasília-DF(Brazil); Cultural Space of Siciliano’s Bookstore - Brasília-DF(Brazil); Quo Vadis
Cafe - Brasília-DF (Brazil).
2006 "Fragments" - Livraria Cultura (Culture Bookstore), Casa Park Shopping -Brasília-DF.
2007 "Aesthetics and Reflections" - UPIS Space of Art and Culture - Brasília/DF.

Collective Exhibitions
2007/2008 "Natacha Kadhija" - 1st Biennial of Arts of Brasília – UPIS - Theme: Liberty of Expression
(Brasília-DF- Brazil);
2008 Collective Exhibition by International Artists (representing Brazil in the two stages: 1st july and july
20)- Opera Gallery - Budapest – Hungary;
2009 Exhibition/Project "Mille artisti a Palazzo" - Palazzo Arese Borromeo (World Museum, in Cesano Maderno) with the curator Luciano Caramel and the idealization of Fiorenzo Barindelli(Opening: March
7) - Milan- Italy;
2009 The Art of Peace General Exhibit & Arrigo Musti Exhibition – Dayton International Peace Museum(October 22nd to December 6th) – Dayton-Ohio –USA;
2009 Collective Exhibition - World Wide View (dec. 5th – dec. 23rd ) – Opera Gallery – Budapest – Hungary;
2009/2010 “Natacha Kadhija – 2nd Biennial of Arts of Brasília – UPIS – Theme: The Time – December
10th of 2009 to January 10th of 2010 (Brasília-DF-Brazil).
2010 “A Book About Death” – Mube- Museu Brasileiro da Escultura (Brazilian Museum of Sculpture) –
Original Project: Matthew Rose; Curator: Angela Ferrara; Feb. 04th – Feb. 28th – São Paulo- SP – Brazil;
2010 Project 10X15=150 " Crisis with my eye " 2010 – Juessey Art Gallery – 1.may - 10. jun 2010 -Reykjanesbær - Iceland;
2011 “Drawing Connections” - Siena Art Institute – Siena – Italy;
2012 “Art in Mind - Layers” – Brick Lane Gallery – February 28th to March 12th - London – England;
“Art in Mind - Symmetry” – Brick Lane Gallery – 15-25 March – London – England;
2012 “Artists at Home & Abroad” – Broadway Gallery (NY) – March 7th to April 3rd - New York- USA;
2013 Art Biennial of Frankfurt am Main (B3 Biennial of the Moving Image) - Germany;

Continuous work with Art Galleries (beyond exhibitions)
2005 Luz dos Anjos Design - Brasília/DF(Brazil).
2006 Fissara Art Gallery - Liberty Mall Shopping - Brasília/DF (Brazil).
2008/2009/ 2010 Opera Gallery - Europa Authentica Cultural Organization - Budapest-Hungary.
2012 Brick Lane Gallery - London (England)
2012 Broadway Gallery - New York - NY

1999 Illustrations for the book 'A dream called Brazil' of Unicef, that represented Brazil in UN in New
York, in the day that it was celebrated ten years of the Declaration of Child Rights.
2003 In partnership with "Colégio Objetivo" (High School):
- Logos of the Project Adopt a Child, FACICO (Festival of Cinematographic Art of the "Colégio
Objetivo") and TECO (Theatre Group);
- Design of the trophy of the 1st Festival of Short films;
- Costume design and scenography of the play "Splish Splash", from the TECO theatre group;
2006 Participation, as a designer, in the book "The Bags" (Ed. Index Book-Spain), launched in the year of 2007 and distributed to over 50 countries, with the execution of one of the bags, in the category called “different”;
Participation, as a designer, in the book "A Tribute to Celebrities" (Ed. Index Book - Spain), launched in
july of 2008 and distributed for over 50 countries, with the logo that represents the topmodel Gisele
2007 Participation, as a designer, in the book "Just for you" (Ed. Index Book - Spain), launched in april of 2009, with the theme of "Designs made by the heart".
2009 Participation, as an artist, in the book "1000 artisti a Palazzo" - Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori - Italy;
2009 Logos of the Philanthropic Project “Smile of Hope” – Brazil;
2011 Participation, as an artist, in the book “International Dictionary of Artists – Vol. I ” (World
Wide Art Books – USA);
2012 Participation, as an artist, in the book “Important Artists of the World” (World Wide Art
Books – USA);


2005 Gisele Bündchen awarded the artist as ' The Best of the Year ' in her official website, for have
created her image through an acrylic painting, in an authentic and expressive form.
2006 Contest "Project Runway" - Fashion Prize - People & Arts Channel - 2nd place;
2010 Winner of the Cultural Contest "Artist of the Year", promoted by the "Bravo! Magazine" (Ed. Abril - Brazil - São Paulo);
2012 Second Competition of Arts – Artavita (California-USA) - Honorable Mention;

Permanent Collections (Institutes, Galleries, etc.)

2006 Culture Bookstore (Brasília-DF- Brazil);
2007/2008/2010 UPIS Space of Art and Culture – Brasília – Distrito Federal – Brazil;
2010 Europa Authentica Cultural Organization – Budapest – Hungary;
2011 Siena Art Institute – Siena – Italy;
2012 Brick Lane Gallery - London (England)
2012 Broadway Gallery - New York - NY



These works are from many periods of my career, since the beggining until the last work. Just few images that represents my profile as an artist.