Katrin Alvarez

Katrin Alvarez

Location: Germany

Katrin Alvarez (birthplace Güstrow) is a qualified legal expert and editor. She has published several surrealistic satires and a novel.

Her paintings, which can be assigned to the fantastic realism, have already been exhibited in Israel, Canada, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, the U.S. and China.

Important awards:
In 2007, she won the Allan Edwards Award from the Federation of Canadian Painters (SFCA) in Vancouver.
In 2011, one of her works was selected for the "Museum of Fantastic Art" at the Pálffy Palace in Vienna.
In 2011, she was awarded with the Vivid Arts Network Award "Onore alla creatività e l'eccellenza nelle arti".
In 2012, Alvarez received the Grande Médaille d'Or MCA Azur at Cannes  and was awarded the Leonardo Prize (Painting) at the Chianciano International Art Award, 2012.
In 2013 Alvarez became the recipient for the first price of the Leonardo Award for Applied Arts at the Chianciano Award.


Surrealistic worlds

I see myself as a journalist, describing life in colors instead of words. Both, the overwhelming beauty of existence and it's cruel darksides - the whole range of beingness. More and more I feel fascinated by the fusion of the new virtual dimensions and the good old reality.The huge influence of the cyberworld on each and every area of our thoughts and our feelings. We consume an immense amount of unfiltered intellectual "feed". Yet we do not know if homo sapiens will change into a desolate data set or develop a new universe of unlimited possibilities. I try to put my reflections on these questions into my paintings.

Rage “Rage”

Some strong emotions can become a sort of program in our subconsciousness and control our behaviour.