Sergey Sobolev

Sergey Sobolev

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Sergey Sobolev
Sculptor, designer, photographer, contemporary artist.

1975 Was born in Moscow in the artist’s family.
1986-1993 Studied at the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum named after Surikov V.I.
1993-1999 Studied at the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after Surikov V.I.
1999 Received scholarship of the Russian Union of artists.
1999 Joined the Moscow Union of Artists and the Union of Moscow sculptors.
2000 Founded art-project «Ars forma»
2008 Joined the Moscow Union of designers.
2012 personal exhibition project "Morphology"
Since 1998 has been an active participant in many joint exhibitions.



Fruit - a simple form, which contains the quintessence of life. In it the achievement of the past and the seeds of new life. Regardless of the qualities he had, by definition - to achieve. It is valuable for its creator as a result of labor and as a basis for further conclusions. I create the fruit, it will make them a tree, reflexively, without asking questions and not knowing why. This action is brought to the symbolism. In this problem of fragmented, isolated, due to misunderstanding of the global context, fit their own, subjective, local universe, "fruitful" micro-life.

Simple forms

Simple forms - emotional inhibitors, breakwaters in the ocean of human emotion, an antenna, receiving and translating space.