Zlata Rabinovich

Have you ever tried to turn your life upside down, leaving your hard earned, comfortable zone for a new, unpredictable experience?
Zlata did just that when she quit her well paid job and became a full time artist.
Her journey started over 25 years ago when after receiving bachelors in Applied Mathematics and masters in Economics from Technion, a well known Israel university, she got interested in oil painting. It was very hard to find any time for this hobby since as an immigrant from the former Soviet Union she was set in survival mode. The struggle for free time continued after her second immigration to the US where Zlata started to take a lot of art classes in addition to her daytime job. It took a lot of time and effort before she found her own style in art and started participating in shows.
Then she made the biggest decision of her life! It took a lot of courage and family support, but she finally followed her passion instead of just working for the weekend.
Today you can find Zlata’s paintings on many National, State, and Regional shows.
In beginning of 2019 Zlata opened her company Z-Art and started to teach Fluid Art.
Classes and Events become an overnight sensation and now Zlata splits her time between creating her own paintings, teaching groups and private classes, and organizing Corporate events and Birthday Parties.


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