Susan Williams
Susan's evocative fine art portrays the magical and powerful essence, along with the intimate moments, of horses and wildlife.

Specializing in unique and distinctive contemporary fine art, her latest work is mixed media and collage; her canvases are created using vintage images, acrylics, pages from her Horse As Teacher book, colored pencils, oils sticks and her own art.

Williams' work has been exhibited around the country and also published. Additionally she is an author in the book called Horse as Teacher; The Path to Authenticity and additional other articles. Collectors across the country seek her award-winning images of horses to grace their homes and businesses.

The horse is one of the most pampered creatures on this planet along with one of the most abused and it has become one of Williams' missions in life to give back to organizations that support the preservation of the wild mustangs and also domestic horses who are of no value any longer. Born in England and raised back east, she found home in the mountains of Morrison Colorado with her partner Brad and their two Friesian paint cross colts.

Artist Statement
The equine and animal art that I create is simply about my love and mystery for the heart, spirit, and soul of these creatures combined with a passion to share my vision. I believe there is an ancient psychic bond between humans and horses where a dance exists, connecting both beings; where no ears can hear the music but we all dance together. If we stop, listen carefully, and are open to all that is possible, the connection to "all that is" begins to flow through us. It is by tapping into this flow that I have chosen to portray the inner lives of horses; they are intricate and sensitive beings with infinite personalities and subtle expressive moods. It is by hearing their voice and sensing their spirit that allows me to share their vision. It is my goal and aspiration to create a deep intimate connection through my horses by accessing an ancient wisdom, perhaps long buried inside. It is my hope that my art transports the viewer on a journey of exploration through dimensions of stillness.

Animals are extremely expressive by nature and have innate senses long lost to us; I am exploring and attempting the challenge of portraying this in my work. What are they feeling? What are they thinking? What messages are they trying to share with us through their wisdom? For example, within the archetype of the horse lies a world untapped. It is through the honesty and heart of the horse that they will reflect our inner worlds if we listen quietly but more importantly are ready to embody the teaching.

Working from an intuitive process with subdued color palettes and ethereal light accentuates the sense of mystery, drama, and sensuality. Luminous and charged with energy, an element of mystery and the unknown is evoked. Many of my horses exist in a space that hovers between the familiar and the unfamiliar allowing the imagination to soar freely. There are several themes that have evolved while doing the work and I never know where a piece may end up. That is what makes it a dance.

When I work with a horse I am elevated to an expanded consciousness and joy while I experience the ancient magic of the human to horse connection and I invite you to experience and share with the hope that you access this vital connection to the natural world.


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