Franciscof Vidal

FranciscoF Vidal

Location: Colombia

FranciscoF Vidal Colombian artist live and work in New York.
and Artist for conviction and free spirit
Have excibit in New York ,Museum of Barrio,Museum Alternative,Cayman Gallery,Sindin Gallery, and many more in U.S.A,Italy,France,Spain,Buenos Aires,Colombia,Mexico,Monterrey(MARCO)in the Colection alsoCity Corp,Museum of Moder Art Cartagena and in the Colection and many Group Shows
I am a Figurative artist working with Painting,Sculpture,Work on paper,small editions and I out put from 60 to 100 painting a year I have my own style and lenguage


The Studio

This is a seriries about The Artist,with some 100 paintings on Large ,medium and small format on oil and acrylic and Drawing with watercolor,gouche,colorpencil and acrylic on paper in a figurative way very colorful and everthing from my imagination becouse each studio is diferent in color,space and model

Artist with orange model “Artist with orange model”

In a red studio the artist with a orange model ad work,acrylic on canvas,figurative,54x50",2010FVidal

The artist on yellow “The artist on yellow”

The artist on profile on a yellow studio ad work,16x12",acrylic on canvas.2009.FVidal.Figurative

The artist and Model on yellow sofa “The artist and Model on yellow sofa”

The artist ad work with a model on a yellow sofa,Figurative on acrylic on canvas,19x16".2009.FranciscoVidal

The artist with pink nude “The artist with pink nude”

The artist looking the pink model ad work,14x26",acrylic on canvas.2009.FranciscoVidal,Figurative

The Artist “The Artist”

The artist looking to you in the action of painting,53x38',acrylic on canvas.2009.Figurative,FVidal