Carla Mascaro

Carla Mascaro

Location: Italy

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Degree in anthropology at the Catholic University of Campinas in 1984 and in Journalism at the Catholic University of Sao Paulo in 1987.

Alongside the journalist profession, is dedicated to photography as an art form. Having discussed various topics at the beginning of activity and then following courses in the field of computational photography, participates in Brazil and Italy in solo and group exhibitions. Lives in Italy since 2003.

Currently focuses on photography fine art that requires apparently a commitment between two seemingly antagoniche working methods. The first concerns the approach of technological knowledge, used to develop personal techniques of producing images by changing them, getting new views and unexpected and experimental images.

In the visual creation, the other part of the process is elaborated by the language, aesthetics, intuition, emotion, expression, what determines the representation of personal choice; selecting so, elements belonging to a way of being and expression.

The aim is to obtain a balance which allows the production of images that can travel along the spectrum of aesthetic ranging of images more "realistic" until the more experimentals: duality present and constant in technique and art: sequential thought and intuition, standardisation and experimentation.