Sharlene Schmidt

Professional Full time Artist, working mainly in Oils but also Pastels.

Has Exhibited extensively within New Zealand for many years

2010 selected from worldwide call to have artwork transformed into Jewellery by American company Bajidoo
2010 Exhibited in Cassino Italy
2011 Exhibited in Hyderabad India

Music shown in Artworks is all playable, generally showing music composed especially for Sharlene's works.


Oil on Canvas

A Series of Musically themed Oil works done over 2010 -2011

Busking till Dusk “Busking till Dusk”

After a day sitting out on the street sketching a busker listening to his songs, I was compelled to paint Busking till dusk, It is not the money an Artists receive but the giving with creation that is an Artists drive, however the small amount they receive in return will keep them giving again.

 Last Dance “ Last Dance”

Show cases playable music composed for Sharlene's works

Setting the Mood “Setting the Mood”

Show cases playable music composed for Sharlenes works

Fantasy Pastel works

A series of A4 Pastels in a fantasy Musical Theme

Realism Pencil and Pastel

A mixture of Charcoal and pastel realism works

Puppy Love “Puppy Love”

A2 Soft Pastel

Work Horse “Work Horse”

A2 Soft Pastel

Truck “Truck”

A2 Charcoal