Barry Brukoff

Born in Chicago. Studied painting, sculpture and design at Chicago Art Institute
Moved to San Francisco in l970, pursuing multiple careers as photographer, painter and designer

1976 Nikon International Competition - Award of Excellence
1980 Grant Recipient - National Endowment for the Arts
1981 Grant Recipient - National Endowment for the Arts
1985 AIA National Photographic Competition - lst Award
1989-90 Eastman Kodak Professional Support Grant - Morocco (book project)
1989 Professional Photographer's Showcase Award - Eastman Kodak
1990 Professional Photographer's Showcase Award - Eastman Kodak
2000 New England Bookbinder’s Association Award for Graphic Design Excellence
for Brukoff’s Book: GREECE Land of Light
2003 New England Bookbinder’s Association Award for Graphic Design Excellence For Brukoff’s Book: Machu Picchu
2006 Pilsner Urquell International Photography Awards 2006 “The Lucie Awards” 2007 The Black and White “Spider Award” awarded a nominee fellowship for a series of black and white images from my forthcoming book: Temples of Cambodia: The Heart of Angkor
2008 The Black and White Spider Awards granted a first award and three nominee fellowships for a series of black-and-white images of Architectural photographs of the Capp Street Project

ADI Gallery - San Francisco, l979
Nikon House - New York, l980
Janus Gallery - Santa Fe, l981
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Rental & Sales Gallery, l981
Lonny Gans & Associates Gallery - Los Angeles, l984
40th Anniversary of the United Nations - San Francisco, l985 - Commemorative Photographic Exhibition of Children from Around the World
Min Gallery - Group Show - Tokyo, 1986
Min Gallery - One-Man Show - Tokyo, August 1987
Elaine Horwitch Gallery - Palm Springs, November 1987
Northern Illinois University Gallery - Henry Moore/ Barry Brukoff - Chicago, April 1988
Elaine Horwitch Gallery - Santa Fe, May 1988
Michael Shapiro Gallery - San Francisco, May 1988
Citrus Restaurant Gallery in conjunction with G. Ray Hawkins Gallery - Los Angeles, October l989
Vision Gallery - One-Man Show - San Francisco Nov/Dec l990
Susan Spiritus Gallery- Group Show- July 1991 - Costa Mesa, CA
Vision Gallery- Group Show, March 1992 - San Francisco
Gotham BookMart & Gallery - Oct. 1993 - New York
Vision Gallery-One-Man Show, July 1995 - San Francisco
LewAllen Galleries The Railyard - Santa Fe, Two Person Show with Michael Collins
"Temples of Eternal Memories" November 2011


IBM Corporation
American Broadcasting Corp - NY
Westco Savings - LA
Bank of America - SF
SSI Corporation - Palo Alto
ROLM Corporation - Palo Alto
Russel Reynolds & Assoc - SF
Dr. N. Edward Boyce - Greenbrae
Mr. & Mrs. Roswell Messing III
Main, Hurdman & Co - SF
Hewlett Packard - Palo Alto
C & H Sugar- SF
Dreyers Grand Ice Cream
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation - Los Altos

Eastman Kodak
Security Pacific Nat'l Bank - Chicago
Touche, Ross - LA
The Knoll Co - SF
Ashton Tate
ARCO Corp - LA
TEL Corp - SF
Natkin & Weisback - SF
Steifel, Leavitte & Weiss - SF
Smith Barney & Co - NY
The Prudential Insurance Co., - New Jersey
Union Bank Of Switzerland
Washburne, Briscoe & McCarthy

1980 The Enigma of Stonehenge, text by John Fowles photographs by Barry Brukoff.
Jonathan Cape, Ltd, London & Wm Collins & Sons Co - Canada
1987 Monograph - Barry Brukoff Photography - published by Min Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1988 Exhibition catalog - Henry Moore Prints and Barry Brukoff Photographs "The Elephant Skull and Stonehenge"
1993 Morocco - Color photographs of the Maghreb, text by Paul Bowles. Harry N. Abrams Art Books.
1998 Greece, Land of Light - 160 pages, color photographs. Text by Nicholas Gage. Bulfinch Press, Little, Brown and Co.
2002 Machu Picchu - 120 pages, black and white - Text: New translation by Stephen Kessler of Pablo Neruda's "The Twelve Cantos of the Heights of Machu Picchu". Bulfinch Press, Little, Brown and Co.
2011 Temples of Cambodia , The Heart of Angkor, Text by Helen Ibbitson Jessup Vendome Press

2012 Royal Cities of The Ancient Maya Text by Professor Michael Coe Vendome Press
TURKEY text by Stephen Kinzer, author of The Star and The Crescent
MONOGRAPH Corbusier’s Ronchamp Chapel, text to be determined
LIGURIA Color photographs of the Italian Riviera, text by Mario Soldaty, Gore Vidal, Guiseppe Conte and other Italian writers.


Brukoff has now moved to the digital darkroom. His work is printed archivally with Epson pigment inks on archival photo papers. He feels that using digital technology has given him the level of control and expertise which now affords him the highest level of quality for his printmaking.

Preferring to work in a selection of discrete series, exploring a wide range of subject matter, his work is related to painterly concerns. Prior to 1985, Brukoff pursued dual careers in painting as well as photography. Abandoning painting has enabled him to more fully explore various facets of photography. In 1986, he began to experiment with the diptych and triptych forms as a way to continue to explore large-scale work in color as he had done in painting.

Many of his series, although literal images, reflect the eye of the abstract painter. As expressed in a review by Photo District News, “...these photos undeniably have something special in them, something more beautiful and mysterious that is quite hard to define. Perhaps it is his sense of light, which is extraordinarily fine in both day and evening... so many of his photos feature both sun and shadow, always giving rise to the feeling that there is something wonderful half-hidden there in the dark ....”


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