Chanil Hong

Hello. My name is Handy Chanil Hong from South Korea. I was majoring in Fine art, Sculpture in BFA and MFA in Korea.
And I used to be a toy designer for 3 years, Shipbuilder for 3 years. In 2007, I decided to study abroad in San Francisco, CA.
After I finised my course, sculpture, I returned my home .
I have been teaching Metal arts and Jewelry arts at several universities and art high schools.
and also I have been running my own art factory called Harts Studio-Metals & Jewelry.


Neo Bronze Era: Sculptural Drawing of Florist Crop, Plant & Insect

My brand new project is called "Sculptural Drawing of Flowering Plant and Bugs." Basic idea of this project comes from historic Korean traditional paintings called "Sa-Gun-Ja". There were several sections when korean ancestors drew these types of former paintings. "Flowering Plant and Bugs"is also one of genres; this painting normally includes flowers, plants, and bugs. All of elements have lots of deeper meanings and the painting requires interpretation.
All of my recent artworks that relates the idea of Sha-Gun-Ja have been twisting from Korean or Oriental philosophy. I want people to make smile trough my works. For example, one of my latest works called "Full Blooming of Artificial Flowers" has a former form of Korean traditional painting covers with contemporary humorous codes into it. Even though there are bunch of flowers, they are artificial objects; the beetle in my painting flies into the Flowers. However, it suddenly realize that the flowers isn't real.

Full Blooming of Artificial Flowers, 2013 “Full Blooming of Artificial Flowers, 2013”

Full Blooming of Artificial Flowers, 2013
Casted Bronze, Sterling Sliver, Fine Silver w/ Enameling

Lovers in the Bush, 2013 “Lovers in the Bush, 2013”

Lovers in the Bush, 2013
Casted Bronze, Copper, Sterling Sliver

Piled Bug Drawing, 2013 “Piled Bug Drawing, 2013”

Piled Bug Drawing, 2013
Mixed Media

Scenery w/ Cicada, 2013 “Scenery w/ Cicada, 2013”

Scenery w/ Cicada, 2013
Casted Bronze, Fine/Sterling Silver, Wood

Get in to It: Baby, 2013 “Get in to It: Baby, 2013”

Get in to It: Baby, 2013
Casted Bronze, Sterling Sliver, Steel w/ Car Painting

Pattern #01: Spanner, 2013 “Pattern #01: Spanner, 2013”

Pattern #01, 2013
Ball size: 35x35x35cm (variable installaion within 3m x 3m),
Casted Bronze, fine tree board, sterling silver