Terry Arroyo Mulrooney

Terry is an accomplished fine art photographer and painter from Miami, Florida. Her favorite subjects are the native flora and fauna of her beloved hometown, as well as its distinctive historic landmarks. Terry was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and has lived in Miami since she was a young girl. Her family has an extensive history in the fine arts, both in Latin America and in the United States.

Terry’s first passion was photography, where she developed her spatial acumen and perspective skills, and where she gained an understanding of chiaroscuro. Chiaroscuro refers to the use of light and dark shades to add contrast or volume in an art piece. This concept is especially important in Terry’s work, as her use of light and shadow to enhance her subjects’ realism and to bring subtle colors alive is perhaps her most defining characteristic as an artist.

Precisely because of its unique interplay of light, shade and color, Terry chose watercolor as her primary medium. She incorporates her love of photography into her work by translating the images from her camera lens into the soft, ethereal style that only watercolors offer.

Though South Florida is one of her favorite themes, Terry’s subjects are varied. She creates portraits and landscapes of all kinds, and infuses each of her works with her signature touch of breezy tranquility. “My focus” says Ms Mulrooney, “is to inspire serenity and peace in the heart of the viewer.”

Artist Statement
I have always loved photography. I am fascinated by both the shading and contrast created by light and the way light plays with color, and I have always tried to capture these elements in photographs. I use these photos as inspiration for many of my paintings, paying special attention to those whose perspective, light, shadow, color and composition would translate best in a watercolor.
Though the subjects of my paintings are varied, including still life, landscapes, botanicals, and portraits, the look and feel of each is unique. My focus is on using my specialty in color detail, contrast and light to create pieces that capture natural beauty and light, and inspire serenity and peace in the viewer. tmstudios@msn.com


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