Oronzo Curvo In Arte "renzo"

Oronzo Curvo in arte "Renzo"

Location: Italy

Born in Maruggio (TA) on 08/14/1969. He graduated from The Art Institute of Grottaglie in 1988. He graduated in Architecture in 1999 with thesis "Ciccozzi Palace L'AQUILA" regarding the BAROQUE ABRUZZESE. Has always cultivated a passion for painting, still allows him to evoke emotions that absorbs daily from the experience, especially through careful observation of nature, and in the specific animal. It has a definite fondness for the horse, synonymous with freedom, that places with a certain ease in almost every picture. Ultimately loves depict the faces, trying to grasp the essence of the spirit through the representation of the eyes. Continue to experiment through careful observation of nature, for he is skilled, venturing into new experiences in painting, hoping for a continued improvement in the imitation of reality. Try to revise in a personal interpretation of what he observes, colors, lights and emotional states. Moreover, the day 08/10/2011 was published a book of poems the author Simone Zorzetto entitled "THE MIRROR OF THE SOUL" IANIERI edition, dealing with internal representations of the same book cover, making the eyes of the author. the review has been edited by literary critic Professor. Umberto Russian professor at the University of Chieti. The conference at the Feltrinelli of Pescara where the book is on sale, you can see on Youe Tube.


La Sirena

A woman lying on the beach which is powered by energy generated by the waves almost like a siren.

Musa Romana “Musa Romana”

A woman who comes in synergy with nature, free from coercion social and emotional

The Island “The Island”

A horse galloping along the shore of an island. The atmosphere that he creates is unusual in that the brightness creates shadows outlined and marked, accentuating the natural contours. The horse comes in synergy with a seagull in flight, laying down the law on nature, demonstrating the power of freedom with force.

Marina “Marina”

Ritratto a mia moglie.